Quantcast Alpha Dead Screening
Alpha Dead screening Dec. 2004

On December 11th, Cult Hero Productions sponsored a screening of four short films: Beaster, Bigfoot Lives, Grandma's Secret Recipe, and the Cult Hero's own "Alpha Dead". The screening was presented as a throwback to the days of grindhouse cinema complete with vintage trash-cinema trailers between each of the films.

First up was Vin Morrone's "Beaster", the film that puts 2000 years of debate to rest in 10 mintues: Jesus was a zombie, of course. How else could he pull it off? This gore meets Gospel short features a Pontius Pilate determined to finish the job he started when the resurrected Christ begins devouring all his faithful followers. It's completely inappropriate, totally blasphemous, and very, very funny.

"Bigfoot Lives" was next up, a short about a man who believe he once took a picture of the cryptozoological creature. The last short before the main attraction was Jeff Hayes campy "Grandma's Secret Recipe", in which a Grandma brutally kills her obnoxious grandaughter and cooks her up.

Finally, the main attraction, John Toranni's "Alpha Dead" It's hard to write a review of "Alpha Dead" without giving away all the good jokes. Just take "Dawn of the Dead"'s presumption that zombies just want to keep doing what they do best, and then let some of the undead loose in a house full of horny, party loving sorority babes. You get the idea? It's a hilarious 10 minutes or so, featuring some outstanding makeup work & the best possible usage of the Proclaimers song "500 Miles". Our only complaint is that it wasn't longer. -mikec.

The theater's marquee proudly displays the event!

Friends and fans get ready for the screening.

Alpha Dead director John Torrani and cast pose for a pic after the event.

Cast & director of Alpha Dead pose for more pics outside the venue.

Hey now! Icons of Fright's Mike C. & Robg. pose with director of Alpha Dead, John Torrani.

It's past 2am, but Ian & Robg are still having a grand ole' time.

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