Quantcast One Year of Icons Of Fright retrospective

In Retrospect: One Year Of Icons Of Fright (May.05) by MikeC. & Robg.

Mike C.'s memories: Welcome to the official One Year Anniversary edition of "Icons of Fright". I can't believe that it's been a whole year because when I look back at what we managed to accomplish it has more than exceeded our original goal. When I first brought the concept to Rob G., I imagined that we'd go to horror conventions, pick up a few interviews there and maybe put up a new edition quarterly. Rob G. saw to it that we always had a new edition every month. We thought it would take us years before we'd ever interview any of our favorite horror icons.

Within just months of our launch I never imagined we'd have interviews with people who have been involved with projects that have literally defined the genre over the past 50 years. Who would have thought that we'd talk with an actor, Ben Chapman, who was the last man to portray an original Universal monster? Who would have thought that we'd recieve insight into the making of "Night of the Living Dead" from Barbara herself? We've spoken and brought to horror loving fans inside information on the making "Evil Dead", "Friday the 13th", "Halloween". Less than a year ago I'd sit, with blood shot eyes at 3am, reading interviews with people like this online. I couldn't imagine that I'd be sitting on the phone with Ms. Betsy Palmer, Mrs. Voorhees herself, having a chat about her car payments and why she decided to make the film.

Not bad for a couple of horror geeks who started a site not because they wanted to make any money, or that they felt a need to really compete with any of the hundreds of horror sites out there already. We just thought, "Hey, let's start a site, and then we can talk to these people! It'll be like our own private horror convention." That was it! Nobody was ever supposed to read this site--certainly not nearly 20,000 people a month that stop by.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed content to Icons of Fright over the last year. Thank you, we couldn't possibly have put up a new edition every month without you. Thank you to the Icons who have taken the time to answer our questions. You have no idea how much it means to us to get a chance to talk with you. And, of course, thank you to everyone who came by, read our interviews, or sent a letter to Rob or myself. You've really helped to keep Rob and myself going with this! - Mike C.

Rob G.'s memories:
If you had told me a year ago that we'd still be adding to this site with about 30 interviews already under our belt, I wouldn't have believed you. I mean, I had gotten a certification in graphic & web design but was having a hell of a time finding a decent job. So, I figured the best way to really get the hang of doing web design was to just make my own site. That's when Mike pitched the idea of 'Icons Of Fright' to me. As he put it, it'll be like "the Bravo channel's 'Inside The Actor's studio', but for the horror fan." How could I resist? If I was going to invest my time into working on a website, it might as well be with my friends involved and revolving a subject that would keep me constantly interested.

So, it's a year later & I couldn't be prouder of all the contributions from friends & accomplishments from the staff so far. All of which have exceeded our expectations. Mike's original plan called for a quarterly update, but I really pushed to make sure we had ourselves a brand new edition every month; much like the magazines I grew up reading. It hasn't been easy putting together a new edition every month, but we've had ourselves some great adventures along the way and met so many fantastic people; both involved in film making and fans like us.

Let me tell you, there is not a better group of people in this world then devoted horror fans. Can you think of any other genre of film that gets this many conventions on a regular basis? There's literally hundreds of horror related websites on the web, so I'm just happy to be amongst such great company.

I'd like to thank two particular people for making me realize that a site of this sort was definitely possible. Both Tony Masi & Jeff Hayes, both of whom have given us plenty of support & encouragement since day one and who continue to help us out any chance they get. As some of you may know, these guys are fans just like all of us and they run the Halloween and Sleepaway Camp websites, respectively. I saw what these guys did with their love of the genre and how in their own way, contributed to it and it inspired me to do the same.

Besides actually conducting the interviews for Icons, one of the best things about this past year has been hearing from all the different people who've stopped by to check out the site. I've heard from old friends and fellow fans whom have complimented some of the interviews and write-ups. I have other friends who've had no interest in horror films whom tell me how they've rented movies from some of the people we've interviewed on the basis of our interviews. Or other friends whom have stopped by and spent an hour looking thru our content. And we get e-mails from some of our past interviewee's congratulating us on each new edition. It's truly an honor to have so many fantastic people stopping by to read what we have to offer. And all I can think to say... is thank you. - Robg.

Year One of Icons Of Fright

May 2005 edition:
Bob Clark - director/writer/producer 'Black Christmas', 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things'
Edwin Neal - The Hitchhiker of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

April 2005 edition:
Ben Chapman - The Gill-Man aka 'Creature From The Black Lagoon'
Brandon Johnson - Julian of 'MALEVOLENCE'
Samantha Dark - Samantha of 'MALEVOLENCE'
Keith Chambers - Max of 'MALEVOLENCE'

March 2005 edition:
Judith O'Dea - Barbara of the original 'Night Of The Living Dead'
February 2005 edition:
Peter Bracke - author of 'Crystal Lake Memories' (Friday The 13th)
Paul Swearingen - The Second Line - Halloween event organizer

January 2005 edition:
Best Of 2004 edition
Lance Warlock - actor/musician (Halloween 2)

December 2004 edition:
Diana Barrows - actress (Maddy from Friday The 13th 7)
Cathryn De Prume - actress (DEADTIME STORIES)

November 2004 edition:
Brad Loree - actor/ stuntman (Michael Myers from Halloween: Resurrection)
FEAR FACTORY - singer Burton C. Bell

October "No Tricks Just Treats" 2004 edition:
PJ Soles - actress (HALLOWEEN, CARRIE)
Ellie Cornell - actress (HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, House Of The Dead)
Stevan Mena - writer - director of MALEVOLENCE

September 2004 edition:
Felissa Rose - actress (Angela from the original Sleepaway Camp)
Uncle Creepy - of THE HORROR CHANNEL

August 2004 edition:
Ladies of THE EVIL DEAD - actresses Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss, & Theresa Tilly (aka Sarah York) of THE EVIL DEAD.
Lar Park Lincoln - actress (Tina from Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood)

Ron Millkie -
actor (Officer Dorf from Friday The 13th)
July 2004 edition:
Warington Gillette - JASON from Friday The 13th Part 2
Ed & Damien - creators of the Living Dead Dolls

June 2004 edition:
Betsy Palmer - actress (Mrs. Voorhees from Friday The 13th)
Larry Zerner - actor (Shelly from Friday The 13th Part 3)

Jeff Hayes - webmaster of Sleepaway Camp Movies.com: The Official Sleepaway Camp website.
May 2004 edition:

Anthony Timpone - editor of Fangoria magazine & host of the Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors convention.
Dante Tomaselli - writer/director of Desecration, HORROR & the upcoming Satan's Playground.
Tony Masi - webmaster of Halloween Movies.com: The Official website of Michael Myers.

Stu Charno - actor (Ted from Friday The 13th Part 2)


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