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George A. Romero's Land Of the Dead. (June 05) by Myk.

So here it is. The movie that many of us thought would never be released. The fourth installment in the 'Dead' film lineage and the realization, visually, of Romero's zombies. The film is actually considerably shorter than Dawn of the Dead and a touch shorter than Day of the Dead, but you don't at all feel cheated. Plot wise, you see a film that is somewhere between Day and Dawn with the humans holed up in a mall type environment (ala Dawn) and what happens if "Bub" had gotten to the next level of learning human traits again. What happens if the zombies remember how to do things from when they were alive? The film contains several extremely gory scenes, but gore does not exist all throughout the film. The graphic scenes are just over the top when you see them. Nicotero and company really out did themselves with the special effects, giving the film a realistic quality not available to the pioneer Tom Savini some twenty five years ago. The funny thing about the characters in this film, is that the most bad ass guy is comedian John Leguizamo who plays Cholo. As a rule, you actually care about the characters in this films and have a vested interest. Even Cholo you feel for after he learns the errors of his ways. Of course, Dennis Hopper is the ultimate baddy and you love him for portraying the part so well. The film has a lot of humor in it, but it is dark and sarcastic. At times it was very English in the way the jokes were delivered, especially if you are a Monty Python fan. Who can forget Asia Argento? She's just the hottest and most bad ass chick in Hollywood, end of story. If this is indeed Romero's last, then he has ended his story with one hell of an anti corporate statement. He hangs Kauffman (Hopper) and his board out to dry the way they have left the general population out to dry. But it all comes down to those with power have the best stuff and ignore everyone elses plight. That is until someone more powerful and ruthless comes along. The questions is, do you feel bad for the rich once they lost everything? CEO's are the living dead of society, at least in Romero's story telling. You have to see this. It is everything we hoped for after 28 Days Later and the Dawn of the Dead remake gave the genre a new lease. He is the founding father and he is still the best.


Scroll down and enjoy these great pics from George A. Romero's Land Of The Dead!!!

George get's back to basics while directing his latest zombie epic!!!

George A. Romero inside 'Dead Reckoning'!

In a post-zombie world, you'll need a machine like 'Dead Reckoning' to get around!

The beautiful Asia Argento plays Slack.

In one of Slack's first scenes in the movie, she must fight her way out of a cage with zombies!

3 various pics of Asia Argento from 'Land Of The Dead'!!!

From left to right: Pedro Miguel Arce (Pillsbury), Asia Argento (Slack) and lead Simon Baker (Riley).

John Leguizamo plays Cholo.

Cholo is ready for anything...

Simon Baker's Riley talks with the sinister Kaufman played by Dennis Hopper.

When zombies attack!!!

...and rise!!!

3 more various pics from 'Land Of The Dead'!!!

George A. Romero's Land Of The Dead is out now!!!
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