Rob Zombie Bassist Matt Montgomery Teams up With Ash Costello To Form THE HAXANS; Releases New EP

haxansMatt Montgomery, a longtime member of Rob Zombie’s band in which he goes by Piggy D, is one cool cat. The Dracula mask wearing bassist is always one of the many highlights of seeing RZ live and puts on one hell of a performance every time. On his downtime, the multi-instrumentalist teamed up with Ash Costello to form the groove-oriented band The Haxans and released their debut EP, “Three Hits From Hell,” a release that makes for the best music to bring to a party.

The guitars are heavy, the vocals are to die for and the entire EP makes you want to throw it on, crank it as loud as it gets and dance your ass off. Comprised of three songs, the EP is currently available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Music. “Three hits From Hell” is quite the impressive debut and we’re looking forward to what comes next from The Haxans. Ps- get ready to dance when “Little Black Goat” comes on…it’s great.