L. Gustavo Cooper’s Acclaimed Short Film THE HOME Now Making the Jump To Feature

the_home-thumb-430xauto-58722L. Gustavo Cooper, director of THE DEVIL INCARNATE and most recently JUNE, has been doing a hell of a job making even more of a name for himself with his festival acclaimed short film, THE HOME.  The short, co-written by Cooper and RESOLUTION star Peter Cilella, followed a young woman (played by, in my opinion, one of the most promising actresses around these days, STARRY EYES lead Alex Essoe) who after giving birth was placed in a home for unwed mothers. Where the short went from there, I’ll leave to your imagination, but along with Nikhil Bhagat’s AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL, THE HOME is one of my favorite shorts I’ve seen in quite a while. Essoe’s acting is solid, the writing is imaginative and unique and Cooper’s eye for detail is just one more reason to be watching out for the filmmaker, the guy’s got chops.

Following well received screenings at Fantastic Fest, Brooklyn Horror and the Telluride Horror Show, THE HOME has now been developed into a feature, with Cilella tackling the script which was co-developed with Cooper. Genre producers Alix Taylor (MANIAC, IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE) and Nick Phillips (PET, STRAW DOGS) will be producing, and good news for you fright fanatics: While the feature is coming together, Cooper and Co. will soon make the short film version of THE HOME available to see in the very near future.

We’ll keep you all posted on that, but in the meantime, here’s a few stills, as well as the short film trailer!

After the birth of her child, a young woman confined to a home for unwed mothers must fight for her survival as the home falls siege to a group of mysterious invaders.

The Home / Short teaser from L. Gustavo Cooper on Vimeo.


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