Shudder Exclusive French Miniseries BEYOND THE WALLS Debuts TODAY!!

shudderShudder, the all horror streaming service, has quickly made a name for itself as being the go-to destination for quite easily the most comprehensive and all across the board selection of genre films. Whether you’re into slashers, Japanese horror or would even like to know what your favorite horror auteurs prefer (Shudder hosts curated lists from some of the genre’s most renowned figures), the group at Shudder has done an excellent job taking care of you fright fanatics.

Making their way into the exclusive acquisition side of things, Shudder’s first venture is picking up the 3-part French horror mini-series, BEYOND THE WALLS. Premiering TODAY (Oct.20th), the series revolves around a parallel world existing within the walls of a house a woman inherits.

30-year-old Lisa’s fate takes a dramatic turn the day she inherits a mysterious uninhabited old house left to herBTW in the will of its deceased former owner. Fascinated, Lisa moves into the house without any inkling of the mysteries that await her.

One night, awakened by anguished cries, Lisa tears down the walls of the house and and discovers a bizarre parallel world existing behind them. Attempting to find her way back to the real world, Lisa meets Julian, a soldier seemingly from a different era. As they try to survive the myriad of grim creatures that lurk in the shadows, both Lisa and Julian realize they have something in common: A lingering guilt over the tragic death of a loved one. And it won’t be long before those loved ones reappear to haunt their lives again…

BEYOND THE WALLS is a mesmerizing supernatural thriller from the creators of Witnesses [LES TEMOINS]. An international cast led by Veerle Baetens (Best actress Magritte 2016 for My Men – Best actress European Film Awards and Tribeca Film Festival 2013 for The Broken Circle Breakdown) and Geraldine Chaplin (Doctor Zhivago, The Impossible, Sand Dollars), the series takes viewers on a frightening and mysterious adventure, into a world where old wounds never heal.  


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