Feminist Thriller WHAT METAL GIRLS ARE INTO Needs Your Help!

PrintActress Laurel Vail (DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN, CONTRACTED: PHASE TWO) has one hell of a pitch setup for her current crowdfunding venture, the feminist thriller (and her directorial debut), WHAT METAL GIRLS ARE INTO. The film, which focuses on a trio of women heading to a music festival who finds something shocking in the freezer of their vacation rental, has animated storyboards, promo photos and a great pitch video detailing the film, what it’s about and why Vail wants to make the film.

It sounds like a wild time and a film that deals with issues that frankly, should be tackled. So we’re stoked to share this one with you fright fanatics and if you feel inclined to do so, throw a buck or five (or ten or twenty and so on…) Vail’s way, so she can make this kick ass film and we can all enjoy it! It currently has two weeks left in its campaign so give it a look!

You are not entitled to the attention of women.”-Jo ♦ The backbone of the story is the fight against men who feel entitled to the attention of any woman they want. This film is an exaggerated version of this struggle. ♦ If you like feminism, horror, movie violence, and death metal, it’s for you.


What Metal Girls Are Into – pitch video from Laurel Vail on Vimeo.