Editor’s Note: Artist and Bigfoot enthusiast Derek West loves all things Sasquatch. The guy is a walking encyclopedia on the subject and when he’s not painting what I consider to be some of the best and most creatively interesting pieces or art (here), he’s pretty devoted to the Bigfoot cause. When PURSUIT: THE SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT was sent our way, I knew West was just the person to give it a watch and also recommend some of his favorite Sasquatch films. Read on! – Jerry

Promoter, radio host, Bigfoot hunter, and now director Tom Biscardi enters the world of found footage with his project Pursuit: The Search for Bigfoot. The film follows a very familiar path of shaky cameras and awkward sometimes random feeling footage that attempts to tell a story. This particular story is a bout two filmmakers who come into possession of a journal that documents Bigfoot sighting across America. It is filled with names of witnesses, locations, and detailed notes on possible encounters. They decide to take a road trip and document their travels in hopes of proving or disproving the journal. Their research leads them to Mr. Biscardi who is playing himself. He takes a personal interest in their quest, and they all go on this adventure together. The Journal leads them to Native American reservations and backwoods communities to interview witnesses and hear their accounts.

The film is a “Google-able” found footage film. This means that the people, locations, and evidence shown is  real and the viewer is able to do their own research. There were parts of the film that I found interesting and familiar as a Bigfoot believer and enthusiast , but as found footage horror it fell short of any tension or real scares. The majority of the film is witness testimony or the filmmakers Lue and Chris talking to Mr. Biscardi about the testimony’s. There is some complaining about gas prices, hoaxes, some expected bickering, and some government cover-up talk, but ultimately it’s just not that fun to watch. The end is predictable and flat out not scary.

If you are interested in some “reality” based Bigfoot fun let me recommend a few that I think handle the subject matter better. Or at least they are more fun to watch!




Legend of Boggy Creek (1972). This is a docudrama about the Fouke monster which was a Bigfoot type creature that was said to have terrorized a small community. It has staged interviews and some real witness discussion mixed with funny folk music and reenactments featuring a guy in a suit. If you can handle the hokeyness it’s a classic in the Bigfoot community.




Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes (2012). Found footage horror about a film crew trekking into the northern California woods to meet with a man claiming to have a dead Bigfoot body. This film has more scares and does a good job justifying the documentation of everything, and it’s just more fun.




Exists (2014) The Blair Witch Project  co-director Eduardo Sanchez came up with the story and directed this film about a group of friends going up to a remote cabin and being terrorized by  a very aggressive creature. I was surprised by the amount of action and suspense and by the amount of airtime the creature actually gets. I thought it was fun and at times even kind of scary. I also thought the Bigfoot was pretty cool looking!




Willow Creek (2014). This film is on the top of my list! It’s more found footage, but the characters seem more real and likable than in the other films I’ve mentioned. Willow Creek follows a romantic couple going on a camping trip to get footage for their own documentary on Bigfoot. They travel to northern California to find the famous site where the Patterson- Gimlin footage was shot in 1967, and they run into strange noises, creepy locals, and the creature. The last scene of the film is terrifying and terrifically acted. I was all in on this one!

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