Flint, Silver and a Lot of Pirates Heading Your Way When Anchor Bay Releases BLACK SAILS: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON This November!!

unnamed-24What makes the Starz historical action/drama series BLACK SAILS so entertaining is a combination of how vicious it can be, combined with the politics of what goes on within the pirate lifestyle and those surrounding them. Captain Flint, John Silver, they’re all fully fleshed out characters in the series and with each episode and season, we want to see their adventures, good or bad, and see what’s in store for the some good, some evil as hell but all equally impressive characters inhabiting the solid show.

Starz and Anchor Bay have joined again, to release the third season of the series on November 8th, and like the two previous seasons, BLACK SAILS: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON looks to be quite the release, one that we’ll happily be on the lookout for.

Season Three of “Black Sails” begins in the wake of the burning of Charles Town. All the New World lives in fear of Captain Flint. When his campaign of terror crosses over into madness, and new threats emerge to challenge his supremacy, it falls to John Silver to locate the man within the monster, before Flint’s war against the world consumes them all. Meanwhile, on the pirate island of Nassau, it’s a new day. With Eleanor Guthrie facing judgment in London, Jack Rackham sits atop a fortune in Spanish gold, hoping to secure his legacy as a king among thieves. To do so, he’ll have to compete with the return of one of history’s most notorious captains, who holds a different vision for their home, as well as a complicated past with Rackham’s chief ally, Captain Charles Vane. All will be tested when a new opponent arrives to claim Nassau, one the pirates could never have anticipated. It knows them. It understands them. And in the blink of an eye, it will do the one thing they never thought possible…turn them against each other.


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