hmadWriting a review about a book of reviews might seem like an off the wall thing to do, but when Birth.Movies.Death. writer Brian Collins decided to lay his long running Horror Movie A Day site down, it left quite a few legitimate fans or admirers wishing they could have something tangible to have to reference when you aren’t around your PC or laptop. ¬†While Collins still updates the site periodically (his recent review of THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM was a fun one to read), the folks over at B/M/D and Collins thought it would be a good idea (and I agree) to give people who liked the daily review blog something of a book form, in both ebook and physical formats. Thank the Heavens above doing so, because it is not only a day by day, month by month look at many films Collins subjected himself to, good or REALLY bad, but also acts as a test of sorts, to take on 365 films and go through a mere fraction of the devotion that BC did during his 2,500 movie run (that is right, 2,500 films…one a day for years).

Set up with a different theme for each month (the first month, January, is devoted to Asian horror and gives you a different title, good or bad to follow), the book doesn’t adhere to the Leonard Maltin style of review-themed books, but does things in a much different way, a way that works perfectly for not only the book itself, but for those who like to look back on things from the past. What Collins does with each film, is list the name, director, the date reviewed, a small excerpt of the original review and the standout part of each title, a new take on what the film was, what his review meant and where he stands nowadays. It’s a really fun way to go through each film and there are quite a few titles that Collins has some interesting things to say regarding his initial reviews. Whether it be the Slasher, killer kids or indie-horror sub genres, Brian gives humor and wit to each theme, making it a very entertaining and fun read.

Horror Movie A Day is full of many subgenres, filled to the brim with so many movies that warrant being watched or at the very least,m read about, with some insightful and downright hilarious recollections from BC. It’s a book that could be read in bed, at the kitchen table, or if you’ve got some extra time while in the restroom. It’s full of not only reviews, but reviews, recollections and very in depth thoughts from someone who is not only an authority on the genre, but a genuine lover of it as well.


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