Kia Hysjulien’s Five Best Moments in The WALKING DEAD: Season Six

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*Editor’s note – We asked artist/creator Kia Hysjulien about her favorite moments from this past season of The Walking Dead, and she was nice enough to write a bit about a few scenes that really stood out to her. If you haven’t, check out her artwork here and a piece on her over at as well!-Jerry

Season six of AMC’s The Walking Dead had its memorable moments, from the visually intriguing opener showing us a quarry full of walkers about to wreak havoc, to the build up and subsequent introduction of one of the most long-awaited villains with a bunch of craziness in-between.  Here are my top five best scenes from this past season:


Taking Back Alexandria

The walkers have invaded the tranquil town of Alexandria with ruthless numbers.  People die, Carl even gets shot in the eye but none of that compares to when Rick seemingly looses it and goes into what can only be described as a homicidal-trance.  He Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCgoes out, alone, to fight an undead horde of epic proportions with only an axe.  His selflessness triggers the other occupants of Alexandria to rouse around him in terrified determination.  It all ends with a brilliantly beautiful quick-secession shot of each member melting into a perfect killing machine as we realize they’ve done the impossible, and reclaimed their home.



Daryl and his Rocket Launcher  

DarylRocketThis is one of those scenes, in an otherwise serious show that actually had me laughing out loud.  Not for it’s humor, but from the sheer insanity of what I had just watched.  Word of warning: never let Daryl  out of your sight especially when you’re planning on robbing his crew.  I never expected when the scene started that it would end with Daryl casually killing a rather large group of Negan’s crew with a rocket launcher.  It left me a little giddy, pretty speechless and happy that the gang was getting a small break after the infamous name drop.




Carol and Maggie’s Great Escape

Carol is hands down one of the best characters on the show.  I wish I could give her more props because she had some phenomenal scenes this season.  Taking out the Wolves, anyone? Baking cookies? But I think the best display of this grey-haired badass is when Maggie and her find themselves captured at the hands of the Saviors.  Not only does Carol ham it up with a rosary and some tears, she gives her captors every chance to leave, right up until the end before she does what Carol does best: taking care of the people she loves, even if it comes with a price.


 Attacking the Savior’s Compound

One thing I’ve come to truly appreciate over the course of six seasons is the group’s ability to tactically evolve.  They’re not the same characters they were when they first graced the screens back in 2010. Now, with military like precision, they’re able to swoop into a fully stocked compound and take it over without so much as losing a member.  From the initial scene showcasing the silent efficiency in which Rick and his group operates, to watching them maneuver through the halls, slowly plunging knives into the slumbering Saviors it only further reminds us that walkers are not so much the bad guys, as people are.  Begging us to question whose really the threat.


Eugene Bites Back   Eugene

Eugene straight up bites a dude in the crotch to save his friend’s from a group of murderous Saviors.  While I can’t exactly pinpoint why this scene stuck with me, I can tell you that his steadfast do-anything-attitude and pit-bull like grip definitely play a factor.  With his southern colloquialism filled drawl, he’s able to distract the Saviors long enough that he ends up saving Daryl, Rosita and Abraham from a pretty nasty fate.  Just ask Denise.

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