TV Review: DEAD OF SUMMER – Episode 10: “She Talks to Angels”

DOSposterThe gates to Camp Stillwater have come to a bloody close and what’s left is a for sale sign and a possible lurking presence, waiting for some new flesh to feast on. The first season of DEAD OF SUMMER is finished and its overall treats have been a mixed bag. An 80s themed summer camp slasher series is what was anticipated, but the bodies took awhile to pile up and the storylines at times felt a bit far fetched. However, by the end, I enjoyed the ride and am glad I stuck it out because watching Amy’s transformation in the last couple episodes was so much fun to experience.
The demon inside Amy made its presence know early on in the episode as the remaining counselors make a failed attempt to leave Camp Stillwater. As it turns out, Holyoke left a piece of himself literally inside Jessie and this apparently will only let one of them leave the camp. Amy makes it clear that she’s the one leaving and creates almost a full episode of her taunting the others, Jason style, throughout the woods. There’s even a scene in a cabin where dead bodies start popping out, leading to Amy grabbing onto Garrett while busting through a window. The nods were fun and something I wish happened more throughout the series. While I dig the show overall, one issue I had is that it takes itself so seriously when a concept like this should be having a lot of fun.
Speaking of Garrett, his injured self gets himself killed, but this is unknown (I guessed it the whole time) until the end when it turns out he can’t leave. His spirit remains long after to help Jessie survive and get one last kiss. The old man in me sighed a bit as this unromantic subplot really had no place in the show and only dragged things a bit.
Blair and Drew magically show up back at camp just in time to help Jessie trap Amy in a circle of purified water in one last attempt to kill her. The find Holyoke’s hymn in one of Joel’s old video tapes which weakens the demon. Using this to her advantage, Jessie gets ahold of the ax A,y hacked Up Deb with, and slams it into Amy’s face. It was pretty badass, I have to admit. The evil appears to be gone and only Jessie, Drew, and Blair are left standing.
I have to admit, I was surprised by how many characters ended up dead (Alex got himself hacked during the finale in a hilarious attempt to be a hero) and am curious if the showrunners anticipate on bringing anyone back for season two. Rumor has it season two might take place in the 70s when Deb was a counselor, but how fucked up can things have been back then and still make sense for Deb to want to come back? I shouldn’t jump too far ahead as Freeform has yet to pick up the series for another season and I have no idea what the ratings looked like. Of course, I’ll be keeping my eyes opened for the announcement and hope next time a different theme takes place. I would love something more along the lines of SLEEPAWAY CAMP or THE BURNING to be the inspiration during season two as the supernatural stuff got a little corny at times.
Still, DEAD OF SUMMER was a summer fling I enjoyed while it lasted and will look back at with fond memories. It was a much needed distraction and some of the players made it worthwhile to experience.


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