Four Questions With Aerosmith frontman/HAPPY BIRTHDAY actor Steven Tyler!!

HBTo call Casey Tebo’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY (hitting theaters on September 9th) a wild ride would be the understatement of the year. It’s the equivalent of THE HANGOVER meets something far more dangerous, far more risky and far more entertaining. Having previously directed a concert film for the long-running and legendary band Aerosmith, as well as some music videos for the band, Tebo reached out to frontman and friend Steven Tyler to play one of the film’s wild as all hell roles, the crazy Kasape Suka. In between watching the film (review coming soon) and speaking with Tebo (interview coming soon), we were lucky enough to ask Tyler a few questions about his involvement and what else he’d like to do this far into his career. Read along!


Your involvement in this film was a definite surprise and it was a lot of fun to see you in it. How did your involvement in the film come to be?

Have you ever seen the Brady Bunch? Casey is like that little guy Oliver, the cousin who’s always just “around” causing trouble. He had made a concert film about Aerosmith, some music videos, and he asked if he could borrow my car and sleep on my couch in LA to save money on his first movie, and I told him only if I was in the movie. It worked out for both of us!

Was the experience something you could see yourself doing again, maybe in a bigger capacity?, You were really great and a lot of fun in it.

Of course and I would love to. I see things like Jeff Goldblum being cast in the new Marvel movie and I just light up, how amazing will
He be. I would love to play someone like that – a little weed that’s Groots friend, or a Wizard in a fantasy movie. Casey is doing a scifi movie next based on his short (Captivus 2.0) and he said I’m playing a junk yard owner, so that’s exciting. But yeah, if I’m not on tour – count me in!

At this point in your career, you’ve done and accomplished so very much, it’s such an inspiration to think of your work ethic HB!_Production_Stills_042913-70throughout the years. Now with film work being added to that, is there anything you’ve love to do that you haven’t gotten the chance to do so far?

As I’m typing this – I’m literally on my way to take a supersonic jet up into space (Starfighters in Orlando) so aside from perform on the moon? I’m not sure.

Was your character the same on the page or were you allowed to work your magic and really develop it on your own? Again, it’s such a wild role and one that really helped make the film so much fun. How much leeway were you given to just go off?

Working with directors like Casey is like writing music with another musician. He has ideas, I have ideas, you bounce them around long enough and you eventually have beautiful music.


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