Mike Deak and Billy Butler Reminisce on All things Empire Pictures in Brand New DRINKIN’ DRIVE-IN Show!!

MBDDBetween 1983-1989 longtime special effects men/actors Mike Deak and William Butler worked on a multitude of genre films (many for the legendary Empire Pictures) and thanks to the power of the internet (for now, I’d love to see these guys have a TV show doing this!), they’ve joined forces again to bring you fright fanatics Mike and Billy’s Drinkin Drive-In. Taking a look at each of the films they both worked on during that time period, Deak and Butler not only are providing some excellent reminiscing on various fan-favorites, but are doing it, well…pretty intoxicated.

Episodes 1 and 2, in which the duo take a look back at 1985’s ELIMINATORS (which was filmed in Spain and was full of behind the scenes hi-jinks) can be found at the official Facebook page for the show. Episode three will feature Master of Horror, Stuart Gordon, and will take a look back at the classic FROM BEYOND, will be airing sometime in the second week of September. Future episodes will tackle various films such as GHOULIES 2, ROBOT JOX, ARENA, PRISON, and many more, all with various genre guests joining the duo for drinks and memories. I’ve listened to the first two episodes and the delivery between the two is addictive to listen to and I really recommend giving the show a listen and following the page for more.


To listen to the show’s first episodes, visit the Mike and Billy’s Drinkin’ Drive-In Facebook page and give them a like.


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