TV Review: DEAD OF SUMMER, Episode 7: “Townie”

DOSposterWe spend more than enough time at Camp Stillwater on the latest DEAD OF SUMMER as we focus on Deputy Sykes and his history with the campground. To my surprise, he turned out to be a rebellious kid with a short temper and a complicated relationship with his father. Garrett acted out, maybe for attention, but instead of military school was sent to camp. He can pretend to hate every minute of it, but the truth is that’s where he meets Jessie for the first time and develops a bond that teaches him the power of companionship. Yes, it may sound cheesy, but it’s quite cute to watch especially little Jessie before she was too cool to hang. A game of capture the flag has never felt so liberating and just as Garrett begins to enjoy himself, news of his father’s death reaches him.
The main thing that bothered me about this story as I felt like young Garrett and present Garrett were not the same characters. I had a hard time swallowing the fact that this punk kid grew up to be such a bland personality. Maybe the young attitude and early loss in his life helped him change his ways, but a little transition would help that go down a little better. After all, most of our characters so far have been given interesting arcs and given a better understanding as to who they are not and what purpose they might serve in the larger scheme of things.
With that being said, I can’t believe these campers are still there after Cricket’s awful death. Her loss had a major effect on everyone and with the supernatural occurrences, it’s surprising not see everyone fleeing the area. The last episode helped figure out why Deb is so determined to make this work and Blair’s relationship with Cricket has taken a toll, but they are making it so easy for Damon and his Satan loving cult to find new victims.
Speaking of, a plan to catch the cult in action fails badly and Amy finds herself in a trance (again!) and lured into position for a ritual sacrifice. She gets tied up, with her feet dangling in a pool of blood while the cult members slit their throats and fall into that same pool, all in front of Deputy Sykes. The theory is that if they spill their own blood with hers then they will live forever. Previews for next week’s episode hints that they might of been successful, but Amy survives again. She’s the pretty blonde and the Freeform network is going to try to keep her on for as long as they can. What makes this a bit more fucked up is that this is apparently the same spot where Sykes’ father died. Oh, Camp Stillwater, how you continue to build memories that no one can ever erase.
Blair and Drew continue their strange friendship, but their feelings are mixed as Blair doesn’t know if he’s understanding what it means for someone to be transgender. Drew flat out states he is a male, but Blair keeps on with the jabs as he’s clearly still pissed about finding out Drew’s secret the way he did. They eventually succumb to their feelings and kiss. There’s three episodes left and I want to see Blair’s story before the season ends. This is apparently an anthology series (though I have to hear any kind of renewal past this first season) and I don’t to part ways until I can catch a glimpse of some of the more interesting characters’ lives. Looks like next week’s might be Jessie’s episode and I’m excited for that as I can tell she’s full of secrets.

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