Crew Behind Bigfoot Horror Film The Fiancé Team Up Again for Zombie Flick, VALENTINE DAY(Z)

unnamedThe team behind “The Fiancé” (a bigfoot thriller written and directed by Mark Allen Michaels and produced by Screenwriter/Director/long-time Journalist Staci Layne Wilson)  has returned with the vampire apocalypse with a noir twist film, “Valentine DayZ”.

The film, which is described as “a heart-stopping horror story written and directed by Michaels, and produced by Staci Layne Wilson (“Fetish Factory”) and Kate Rees Davies (“Altered Perception”)” is currently in production and looks to inject some new blood and angles into the zombie craze, something I’m pretty excited to see for myself..

Revisiting his unique blend of hardboiled crime thriller and brutal, bloody horror, Michaels’ “Valentine DayZ” takes his characters on a journey from the champagne and yacht lifestyles of the rich and corrupt, to doom and despair in Death Valley as the zombie-apocalypse threatens everything they hold dear.

The cast of VALENTINE DAY(Z) includes Dallas Valdez (“The Fiancé”) and Carrie Keagan (“Sharknado 4”), as well as Robert Allen Allen Mukes (“Westworld” TV series), Diane Ayala Goldner (“The Collector”), and Curt Lambert (“The Hotel Barclay” TV series) rounding out the cast.


To keep up to date with developments on the film, be sure to check the film’s official Twitter @ValentineDayZ , as productions continues to go on.