Five Non-Horror Shows That Genre Fans Will Love

Anyone that follows any of my social media profiles (I’m on everything short of LinkedIn) is aware that I watch a lot of television. Discovering cult classics like THE PRISONER to current hits like AMERICAN HORROR STORY, I legit schedule my lack of social life around my shows. I do have morals and refuse to post spoilers unlike the many assholes out there who just can’t resist a good GAME OF THRONES supposed death. My love always resides in horror and there’s a variety of horror programming on several networks, each aiming for their own WALKING DEAD hit, but I don’t stick to just one type of programming. There’s other shows I’ve been checking out (OK, maybe obsessed with) that prove to be just as riveting and, at times, just as scary as what you might find in a murder house.

jovyarticle3THE LEFTOVERS

Damon Lindelof helped launch one of the biggest shows on television in 2004 with LOST, an original series full of twists and mysteries that weren’t always answered, but kept millions viewers glued to their sets. Fan theories and easter eggs featured in seemingly unrelated projects swarm the internet, but the series finale was divisive amongst fans and viewers have become cautious about dedicating several hours of something that might not pay off. In 2014, Lindelof teamed up with author Tom Perrotta to bring Perrotta’s novel THE LEFTOVERS to HBO and I’m so glad they did. The show revolves around the aftermath of the “Sudden Departure,” an unexplained occurrence where 2% of the world’s population disappears. When the show began, viewers anticipated some kind of revelation, but loyal fans know the show is really about what happens to humanity when things they can’t explain start to happen. The first season revolves around the Garvey family whose lives have been torn apart and their coping skills aren’t always the greatest. The Murphy family is introduced in the second season in an all new setting where another mystery unfolds. No, this is not an anthology series, but, without giving anything away, THE LEFTOVERS continues its original story while providing a fresh experience during it’s second year. A lot of that is probably owed to the fact that season one covers the entire novel and season two was created solely for television. The performances are what drive the series and a best ensemble award is what it deserves.

jovyarticle4THE FALL

Before he was lounging around shirtless in a red room, Jamie Dornan was living life as serial killer Paul Spector by night in this BBC series set in Northern Ireland. A seemingly ordinary family man during the day, Spector is pursued by DSI Stella Gibson played by Gillian Anderson. We follow both characters as their daily lives unfold, realizing that maybe they both aren’t as different as they seem. While THE FALL can easily be categorized as another crime drama following in Hannibal/Clarice territory, it develops its own genre of storytelling providing a patience in character development so rare on TV these days. Her search for the killer almost feels like some kind of deranged love story, both longing for something more and no sexual experience can possibly fulfill what they need.


The series premieres Sunday, October 12 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

Initial promos for the show promised a sexy drama full of beautiful people cheating on their significant others, while revealing only what a premium cable subscription can display. While THE AFFAIR does have a lot of sex and some juicy drama, it’s the format that helps make the show so riveting to watch. What starts off as a summer affair between two married people turns into something more as the show literally visualizes two sides of the story via a murder investigation involving our two leads. The show very slowly reveals details of the crime as those moments are realized as the present and the actual affair is something of the past. The events are real, but we have unreliable narrators and piecing together the clues proves to be more challenging as each episode rolls on. Season two expands these variations of the story with even more perspectives, often exploring the dangerous consequences of their actions. I began a habit of pouring a drink for every episode during the second season as the stakes were risen and my anxiety levels flew through the roof. THE AFFAIR is an excellent thriller, disguised as a soap opera in hopes of drawing in other flawed human beings.

jovyarticle2ORPHAN BLACK

In 2000, director John Fawcett brought to life the cult werewolf movie GINGER SNAPS, a dark comedic horror flick where a girl’s first period only leads to more bloodshed. It was a fresh take on a familiar tale where the weird girls take the lead and the power of sisterhood is the strongest bond. Several years later, Fawcett teamed up with CUBE screenwriter Graeme Manson and GINGER SNAPS 2 star Tatiana Maslany to introduce the world to a new brand of sestrahood with the BBC series ORPHAN BLACK. Wild flower Sarah Manning witnesses a girl jumping in front a train who happens to look exactly like her. Finding her wallet full of IDs, Sarah assumes the dead girl’s identity not realizing she just joined a giant clusterfuck of a conspiracy involving clones and a subculture obsessed with genetic modification. Maslany pulls more weight than anyone on television as she plays multiple characters and the number continues to grow with each season. The trouble Sarah finds herself in continues to grow as the plot lines get crazier and chemistry amongst the clones becomes endearing and impossible not to cherish despite all being played by the same actress. From the impulsive trained killer Helena to soccer mom Alison, Maslany is so much fun to watch as she discovers her true origins even as the bodies begin to pile up.

MR. ROBOTjovyarticle1

I am the first person to admit that I am completely computer illiterate. Yes, I write on a regular basis and own an iPad, but Apple products have it made it so effortless for me to need to know how to use anything. The concept of being user friendly have me a lazy fuck when it comes to learning anything new in technology. I have no idea how to create an Excel spreadsheet, but I know how make sure a list of my favorite shows makes it onto a popular horror site. With that being said, I wasn’t too sure how much I was going to get into MR. ROBOT, a USA series surrounding Elliot, a cyber vigilante whose social anxiety encourages him to connect with people by hacking their personal data. He soon is recruited by what some may consider cyber terrorists in order to destroy E Corp, one of the world’s largest corporations responsible for plenty of consumer debt. There’s plenty of software coding and tech savvy terminology to give the biggest geeks a hard on, but Rami Malek in the lead role is legit watching a star being born following his crazed performance in the scary as shit videogame UNTIL DAWN. I initially thought MR. ROBOT was going to be a hack of the week series, but was proven wrong halfway through the first season as it went in a direction I did not expect at all and refuse to spoil for potential viewers. The relationship dynamics are devastating and the fourth wall breaking moments provide a unique television drama that’s hard to define. The second season is currently airing and continues to make one want to burn a pile of cash just to say fuck you to the world.

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