TV Review: Episode 8: “What Lurks Within”

outcast-cover2OUTCAST questions viewers’ morality. With a power like Kyle’s and ambition like Reverend Anderson’s, do you act on what you think is right? The power of God is within your grasp and it’s become clear that the Devil walks amongst us, spreading evil at every turn, is there a responsibility to take control at the possible risk of those close to you?

Kyle is well aware of these risks as he has a comatose mother and a missing wife who has now abandoned their daughter. He sees that relieving someone of a seemingly dangerous possession doesn’t always lead to the positive result everyone hopes for. While he sees those who are affected, he’s not like the Reverend and feels the need to play the role of humanity’s savior. He does however get the chance to literally gave a sit down with his daughter while visiting his mother and explaining some of what has happened. To everyone, Kyle’s anger problems got the best of him causing him to beat his wife, but he was really protecting his daughter from the demon inside Allison. Speaking of, Allison is still missing and hope this wasn’t some “creative” way to write her off to wrap up a storyline as I really found her fascinating and her internal battle was riveting to watch.

Many times when watching movies about possessions, there’s a high emphasis on saving the human soul and not letting the demon take over. With THE EXORCIST, viewers were mortified to see an all American girl get transformed in a profanity spitting, mutated monster who fed off the skeletons in your closet. In THE CONJURING, a mother becomes possessed with the spirit of a witch who sacrificed her newborn to Satan and plans on using her new host to kill more children. This episode of OUTCAST asks if one is worth saving when the human being they were before was a much scarier monster than with a demon hanging around inside. Biggest example is Sidney, our supposed devil who walks around town with a hidden agenda making sure his minions are playing their roles. As it turns out, Sidney was your average carnie who might hand you a few extra tokens if you happen to be a cute little boy. Yeah, it’s as creepy as it sounds. One of Sidney’s side hobbies is stripping young boys to their underwear, tying them up, and torturing them. Molesting is never shown or mentioned, but based on the taboo visuals we get, it’s safe to say there’s some kind of sexual fantasy at play here. When Sidney gets possessed, maybe not so coincidentally, he frees the boy and yells at him to run.

Another supposed victim is Kat who walks about life as normal as the next woman on the street. Even though she’s causing no harm, her tire goes flat suspiciously and is convinced to take a ride with the Reverend. Anderson beats her pretty bad and drags her into Kyle’s where Kyle refuses to inflict any harm. Turns out that Kat’s husband has known about her possession since the beginning and wants nothing to change. Kat’s new persona feels like a fresh start in their marriage and experiencing everything for the first time again has shone a light in their marriage that he quite enjoys.

Sinister redhead Aaron has lied to the police and now wishes to serve as Sidney’s accomplice as long as it means getting rid of the Reverend. This kid is a major punk and an easy apprentice for Sidney, which only means a lot of trouble is about to ensue in the next couple episodes as the first season comes to a close.

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