JS2My name is Josh Soriano and I’m the Co-Editor here at Icons of Fright. My romance with the horror genre started early on in life when my dad took me into a little video store, with maroon carpeted walls no less, and rented Tod Browning’s DRACULA for me on Betamax (you analog purists must be creaming your pants at the thought). I had never seen a “horror movie” and asked him to help me pick out one. I still somewhat vividly remember the emotions I was taken over with when I saw Bela Lugosi step down the eroding stairs of his Transylvania abode. It wasn’t fear. It was love at first site. I instantly wanted that castle as my home, exploring its corridors with a candelabra, whisking spider webs aside in a monochrome world. The idea that a single movie can completely change your life and give it a new meaning may sound laughable to cynics but, for me, the thirst to be a part of horror from then on was a palpable desire that I’d never shake.

I considered being a screenwriter for most of my teens but started getting involved in music. For most of my early twenties and thirties, I have been a hobby-musician, creating albums and songs under the pseudonym Register and Cripple Camp. It sounds so silly to say, but back in the day of cassette tapes, I used to fill 90-min cassettes full of songs. So at the time of this writing, I have an absurd amount of self-produced music–nearly 30 full albums worth of material (that I’ve only shared about 10% of). Fast forward to 5 years later and I’ve found a nice home here at Icons, doing what I love, writing about obscure old horror films in my column ‘Arbitrary Cinema’ and ‘A Look Back At’ while also reviewing newer horror movies and video games. Icons has revived my interest in screenplays and fiction writing again and I hope to have some finished products come the new year. Other than that, I’m a full-time caregiver to my mother.

If I were to have a desired outcome from all this, it would be to expand on film criticism as a profession (or at least a part-time one) and move forward into creating some podcasts and films of my own. Fellow Icons scribe Leon Nell and I have discussed creating a gay horror podcast through Icons of Fright and hope to get that going in the near future. It looks as though horror movies are finally on the track to becoming the reputable genre that we, as fans, have always known it was (because, let’s face it, “horror” is the one genre that always been fighting an uphill battle and it deserves a helluva lot more respect than it gets from the moral majority). I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to bring new content and exposure to movies of the past and future that some of you may not be aware of yet.

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