Bored? We’ve got some horror family game ideas!


amysteeleIf you’re a big fan of horror movies then this post is for you; in fact, it may be useful to anyone who doesn’t really enjoy watching horror movies as the game we will be looking at here is guaranteed to add more excitement and enjoyment to your next movie night! The game in question is Horror Movie Cliché Bingo and is a fun and easy way to complement your scary film watching experiences. Read on to find out what horror movie cliché bingo is and how to play it.


What is Horror Movie Cliché Bingo?

Horror movie cliché bingo is a fun, simple and easy to play game that anyone can play when they are watching your favorite slashers, possession films or any other subgenre. The game is based on the popular premise of our mockery of the clichés that are usually repeated in films of this genre, the game works in the same way as bingo (or taking a shot for certain things. Just don’t try to do that every time Lynda says, “totally” in HALLOWEEN, you won’t be sober for long) except in this case players cross off movie clichés rather than a series of numbers.


As each item appears on screen it is then crossed off the card; this may just add a little more excitement and enjoyment to your viewing. It may not be possible to get all of your listed items in one film but it’s always worth a shot and is a great way to liven the atmosphere on a night in.


How to Play Horror Movie Cliché Bingo

Horror Movie Cliché Bingo cards are easily accessible. There are many ways to get your cards for the game including several online resources were you can print them off or you can opt to create your very own version to add to the excitement. With so much fun poked at horror films by fans and detractors alike there is no shortage of ideas to use in your list. Bingo cards often feature common horror movie clichés such as clueless teenagers, creepy dolls, and dark and stormy nights.


Horror Movie Cliché Bingo Alternatives

Because horror movie cliché bingo cards are easy to come by or make, it is easy to translate the game to other themes such as action movies, Sci-Fi, and the like. For those who prefer to notch the excitement up a level there are also other alternatives available such as Mad About Bingo online bingo games that provide the thrill of having a small sum at stake as well. Bingo fans can get more of a thrill by playing online as there are a large variety of games available to choose from and most providers offer safe and secure environments. My grandmother was a casino regular so naturally betting something here and there gets me excited.


Horror Movie Cliché Bingo is a great way to liven up a family movie night or one with friends round on a night in, and when you get tired of the clichés, there are always other alternatives you can enjoy too.

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