OUTCAST: Episode 6 – “From the Shadows It Watches”

outcast-cover2What is it that can tear a man apart who has lived his life doing God’s work? What is it that makes a soft spoken figure, full of wisdom, finally crack and question themselves? Satan is often to blame for temptation and the root of all sin, but Reverend Anderson opened this episode of OUTCAST with self doubt and a sense of personal failure. VHS tape after tape is sliding into the VCR and standard def videos play of all his failed exorcisms, giving us a glimpse of faces belonging to victims of possession who are probably still suffering. Anderson even breaks down and confesses to God that his work was possibly motivated by all the attention it brought, providing a sense of martyrdom that Kyle so clearly is threatening.

 Kyle possesses a supernatural power that Anderson can never have and this burns his ego whether he wants to admit it or not. Kyle’s motives lay primarily with his family who will take awhile to rekindle if ever. He awakes one night to be attacked by Mildred who tries to suck the light out of him. What is inside Kyle that these demons want so badly and why? He is referred to as Outcast and I’m starting to wonder how much in common he has with Caleb, the devil himself.

 Mildred, who was one of my favorites to watch, passed her last breath in this episode and it pains me as Grace Zabriskie really delivered as one of the most unique demonic portrayals onscreen. In a show about the supernatural, maybe we haven’t seen the last of her but the fun is definitely coming to an end as certain plot elements feel like they are getting wrapped up for the season finale in a couple weeks.

 With that being said, we had a slow investigation on a mysterious camper in the woods surrounded by strung up dead animals that seemed random. “From the Shadows It Watches” proved that nothing is coincidental as we see an old photo of Mildred standing in front of that very camper! The plot thickens and it feels like things are finally coming full circle. This will please impatient viewers as those who aren’t familiar with the comics are questioning where this is going.

 Things are getting worse for Megan as a hospitalized Donnie informs her of how he ended up there and the threat of blackmail if he doesn’t get his way. The past loves to haunt the characters of OUTCAST and Megan is no exception. Their history of sexual abuse has led to an emotional power fuck that Megan can’t release herself from and now Mark, her husband, has made that grasp much more firm. This subplot is one of the more gripping aspects of the series as her will to live a normal life is more challenging than it seems. She wants Kyle to succeed as well, but her own demons are clawing their way out of darkness.

 Episode 6 was one of the more tame episodes of the season, but that’s fine as it feels like it’s transitioning audiences into the final act of a very somber tragedy.

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