TV Review: OUTCAST – Episode 5 “The Road Before Us”

outcast-cover2If there ever was a TV series with an emphasis on a slow burn, then OUTCAST would be high on that list. The show lives off of anticipation and teasing the audience of what’s to come. Secrets are barely revealed, but just enough to keep a casual viewer from cancelling the series from their DVR. The “are they or aren’t they possessed” storylines are still interesting as the smart writing on the series makes them so relevant to Kyle’s own overall arc.
His suspicions that a runaway teen is actually possessed are proven correct when he finds her in an alley and her sudden outburst when Kyle’s hands touch her. He is Outcast as they like to say, but what that means is still unclear. He slowly is learning how his power works, but he successfully exorcises the girl, but ends up putting her in a coma similar to his mother’s condition.
Our mystery man in black, Sidney, pays a visit to Mildred, who has a strange “aha” moment when she sees him. She tells him of Kyle’s visits and how she doesn’t think she’ll live long enough to see “the merge.” It’s definitely feeling like Sidney is utilizing everyone around Kyle like puppets in some larger scheme and hope we can get some answers by the season finale. Mildred poses as a bigger threat than her fragile appearance lets on and I can’t wait to see her inflict some terror in future episodes.
The most interesting story to me is between Kyle and his wife, Allison. She gets plenty of screen time this time around and her subtle moments are what creeps me out. Allison has this passive stare that’s hard to read and the camera loves it. We get intimate close ups of her face and we study to search for any kind of sign that she might need Kyle’s help. She catches Kyle watching her house late night and brings this up to his sister, Megan, after she pays a surprise visit. While Megan initially shows up to just check up on her, it’s clear that she’s hoping to arrange some kind of face to face between Allison and Kyle. This hope is only heightened when Allison’s persona is drifting away and could possibly be self medicating.
Of course Megan does the wrong thing and tells Kyle about her behavior so he manages to meet with Allison. His visit to her house doesn’t go too well, but when she shows up at his, the passion they have for each other is translating on the screen. What makes it even more heartbreaking is we finally see a flashback to Allison waking up with a busted face, marks that Kyle claims responsibility for and Allison has no recollection of happening. She doesn’t believe he would do something like that, but his confession is all they need. She demands the truth from Kyle, but he fails to provide the answers she needs.
With that being said, Kate Lyn Sheil steals the episode as Allison, a rare performance that succeeds with a less is more method. Genre fans will recognize her from favorites like YOU’RE NEXT and THE SACRAMENT, but her small arc of the series THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE was seriously some riveting material. Her roles seem to be expanding lately and I can’t wait to see what else she has to offer. OUTCAST is a great platform for her as these premium channel series strive for authenticity and creative freedom that’s so rare for most networks.

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