Icons of Fright Interview With BACHELOR GAMES Star Charlie Bewley

cc8c8035-f6de-4c3e-8881-9efaaa395e5eWhen one thinks of a Bachelor party, we don’t think about running for our lives in the Andes desert by a creature only known as “The Hunter”; however, in Edward McGown’s latest film BACHELOR GAMES (hitting VOD on July 8th), that’s exactly what happens.  To learn more about why the groomsmen are being stalked, Icons of Fright sat down with the best man, Charlie Bewley (who plays Leon) to learn more about the film, his character, and what attracts “The Hunter” to his prey…

Thank you so much for talking with me today Charlie!  First and foremost, for those who may not be familiar with BACHELOR GAMES can you tell us a bit about the film and your role in it?

Five Brits and an American head off into the desert with two missions in mind: Firstly – Find the legend of Cumbre de Montero – a mythological hunter who fell in love with the most beautiful girl that ever lived in a local village.  When the girl’s father discovered her love for the hunter, he had his head torn off by dogs.  Since then, the hunter roams the mountains searching for those with darkness in their hearts.  Those whose hearts are pure he leaves alone but those who are not, he kills… But that shouldn’t disrupt the true purpose of this trip – to see off Henry’s life as a single man with one last hurrah.  At least, that’s what my character Leon thinks.  Unbeknownst to him, the other four boys on the trip have other ideas in mind.

What interested you in the role of Leon?

Leon has the biggest arc out of all the characters.  Unlike the other guys, he’s out-of-the-loop as to the ulterior motive of the stag trip.  So there is a huge shift in intentions in the second act when it all hits the fan.  This prompts all sorts of feelings in Leon – from guilt to anger and back again – perpetually, until the moment comes when he has a choice to drop his ego and gain some humility for the first time in his life.

You’ve worked in the horror/thriller genre in the past, what do you think it is about this genre that keeps you coming back?

Yeah, I would love to work more in this genre – especially psychological thrillers.  There is so much more to explore in that sense.  So much more is going on “behind the scenes” of our local senses that we could prey on it attaining the ultimate goal of horror/thrillers – terrifying audiences.  Movies like EVENT HORIZON and THE FOUNTAIN keep you guessing until the end – and twisty stuff like SIXTH SENSE really attracts me to this genre.

How did you prepare for your role of Leon and where there any challenges you faced?Two-guns-at-the-window

Nothing extra special.  I just tried to stay out of the way of any talk during rehearsal, of the motives of the other four boys.  I wanted to stay ignorant to their plot, any intentions, feelings towards the stag and Leon, before we shot the twist.  Luckily we shot each scene more-or-less chronologically (which is not only a god-send, but very rare), which meant the tension built organically through shooting.  So when it all goes down, I could react more instinctively to the sub-plot.  When you watch the movie, this will all make way more sense!

In your opinion, what sets BACHELOR GAMES apart from other horror/thriller/comedies out there?

It starts off as an off-beat comedy.  Not by choice, but because the writing is very good, very well-tailored to the characters and the group dynamic as a whole.  The sense of humor, not least because this is a stag weekend, is typically upbeat, derogatory and banter – and this lures the viewer into a false sense of security before the movie is turned on its head.  I cannot think of another movie which upholds this sense of fun throughout the 90 minutes, in spite of the drastic changes in stakes throughout.

What would you like audiences to take away from the film when leaving the theater?

I would hope they would learn a moral lesson from all of this… I know a few of the characters in this movie did, not least Leon.  And don’t go to Cumbre de Montero without a clear conscience.

Last, but certainly not least, what can we look forward to in the future from you?

Forthcoming projects include Luc Besson’s THE LAKE where I play a Navy SEAL – plus a reprisal of my role as a techie in USA Network’s COLONY.  We are also real close to starting prep on THUNDER ROAD – our long awaited veteran-inspired movie.

Thank you so much Charlie for taking the time out of your day to chat with us! 

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