Remember when Marvel Visited The Haunted Mansion?

ARTICL5If you are a fan of pop culture it is hard to not know The Haunted Mansion. Whether it is through watching Disney’s movie (please don’t, wait for the upcoming reboot) or actually going on the ride it is based on, we’ve all taken a trip through the creepy doors. It is that popular that you may even  get more fun with free bingo online based on it (My Grandmother spent more than a few hours as real casinos and gave me an appreciation for it), or even some popular fan art.

With this popularity it comes as no surprise that Marvel have released a comic based on the mansion, and are set to invite some of its more memorable ghosts onto the page for us to read. Through the writings of Josh Williamson and artwork by Jorge Coelho we can get to enjoy some creepy encounters.

In the new comic we’ll be introduced to Danny, who is searching for the ghosts of his recently deceased loved ones. Believing they are in the mansion he enters through the ghostly doors in the hopes of discovering if they are truly surviving there in afterlife form. Featuring plenty of mythology from the ride, this is probably going to be a fan favorite for those with a liking of the more horror based comics.

One thing we can be sure of with the new comic is the fact that there are plenty of ghosts that will be making an appearance. Though we don’t know if Danny will find the ones he is looking for, an example of spooky visitors will include the Hatbox Ghost who is a well-known ghost from the ride.

One of the ghosts who may be able to help Danny, or hinder is progress, is the Black Widow Bride. Seen in the attic in the ride, she is a danger to Danny based on the fact she is known to kill anybody living in the mansion. A character of rage, could she help him? Chances are she is somebody he should stay away from.

Another character is The Captain, a curse pirate trapped within the mansion. A hater of many of the other ghosts who have the ability to escape the Mansion, maybe he could help getting rid of a few if Danny can give them peace?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Danny in The Haunted Mansion. From what we can tell, his job won’t be an easy one unless he can find a few dead allies along the way.

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