EVENT REPORT: American Murder Song’s “II” E.P. Launch

AMSLast year, while attending the “Alleluia: The Devil’s Carnival” tour, Terrance Zdunich addressed the crowd of rabid Devil Carnival fans to inform us that he was working on a new project with frequent collaborator Saar Hendelman called AMERICAN MURDER SONG.  As the months went on, the popularity of AMERICAN MURDER SONG grew and a devoted following was born.  As their social media presence grew, fans and followers were able to see snippets of these stories through short videos accompanied by music and the ever-familiar faces of Zdunich and Hendelman.  We were able to see an ever growing story begin to weave together from our main characters, Mister Tender (Terrence Zdunich) and Mister Storm (Saar Hendelman) otherwise known as the Blood Travelers.  All of this takes place in 1816 to the tune of murder ballads and visual shorts and also features Alissa White-Gluz (from the death metal band “Arch Enemy”) as Lavinia, an innkeeper at the Six-Mile Inn, and America’s first purported female serial killer, Auerlio Voltaire as unwed Henry, and Sara ‘Chibi’ Taylor (from the gothic rock band “The Birthday Massacre) as Sweet Rosalie.

Now that I’ve set the groundwork for you, I’m excited to tell you my experience of seeing AMERICAN MURDER SONG firsthand.  AMS first debuted at theIMG_2028 Steampunk World’s Fair 2016 and is now beginning to make its rounds doing live performances.  This past Thursday, I was lucky enough to attend an intimate performance of their second EP release, II. Providence, at Fonogenic Studios in LA.  I wasn’t as knowledgeable about AMS as I am now, so I wasn’t sure what to expect and honestly, I think that was the best way to go into all of this.  There was maybe 100 people tops at this event and as I scanned the crowd I was happy to see many familiar faces from REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA/THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL in attendance and it warmed my heart knowing that these people were here to support Terrence and Saar.  As the crowd stood around waiting, we were surprised to hear singing coming from the back of the room, and as the voice carried to the stage, it was at this moment that I knew AMS had begun.

To say that I was completely gobsmacked and blown away would be the understatement of the year.  For someone who knew nothing going in, I was held captivated and mesmerized by the two performers on stage – Terrence and Saar.  Their voices, Saar’s high and Terrence’s low, played off of one another perfectly and I found myself swept up into their melodies and ballads.  Together they performed five songs – songs of loss, pain, murder and more with a three piece band behind them.  Their set was simple and their songs absolutely gut wrenching but I was hooked.  As a fan of Terrence Zdunich, I was familiar with his vocal capabilities from REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, but Saar Hendelman I had never before heard and his voice stole my heart.  I remember during one of their songs, I stood there with my mouth wide open and in an absolute trance – the song drove a knife right into my heart and I was in no rush to pull it out.  To be able to combined such beauty and heartache, and then to convey that to your audience, was absolutely incredible.  As the fifth song came to an end I felt lost; I didn’t want it to be over and right then and there I became a follower of AMERICAN MURDER SONG.

IMG_2052The evening concluded with a full music video of “Six-Mile Inn” which gives us some insight on Lavinia and how she got the title of America’s first female serial killer.  The video itself is a visual masterpiece and it’s edited in a way that gives it both a modern and “old-timey” feel with hues of brown throughout.  When the video ended, Terrence and Saar invited everyone to stay and dance the night away and enjoy the spirits that the bar had to offer.  For me, I was still on cloud 9 and as I drove away to return back to my life in Huntington Beach, I knew that I wouldn’t soon forget AMERICAN MURDER SONG.  It’s left a lasting impression and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.



For more information on AMERICAN MURDER SONG visit their website www.americanmurdersong.com and their social media located on Facebook: www.facebook.com/thekillingplace,  Twitter: www.twitter.com/thekillingplace, Instagram: www.instagram.com/thekillingplace, and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPFLCq79kTooKxcHgh8Whng

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