68390_10151150539704998_897037894_n*Editor’s note – We’re very happy to have radio host/journalist/all around jack of all trades, Jay Kay, as part of the Icons of Fright team. The guy’s passion for all things horror is infectious and his “all across the board” approach to horror writing/hosting is something we’re always happy to see. As part of our ongoing “The New Blood” column, we’re shining light on IOF crew members which have joined the team within the last year or two. Read on! -Jerry

jay kay 3Hello dysfunctional family… My name is Jay Kay the collector of conversations. I’m proud to enter the dark corners of “Icons of Fright” spreading my thoughts, nightmares and intangibles to new fans and peers in the community! Besides writing on different platforms, I host the world wide Rondo nominated weekly horror talk radio show “The Horror Happens Radio Show” With close to a 1000 chats and guest as well as over 800 first time guests, I strive to be the greatest in all areas of horror and relate conversations to scare as well as educate!


When I am not watching Asian horror, reading indie horror and working on my writing, I spend the time working in behavior management, watching baseball, listening to jazz/swing/rockabilly, working on the radio and photography.


However, what means the most to me is my partner “The Ghost” who I cherish every daydream and nightmare with. We share so much horror and have done some pretty amazing things over the years giving opportunities to many in the genre and creating some infamous memories. It is an honor to be here and to be a part of this team!



Jay Kay can be found at Icons of Fright, Nightmarish Conjurings, Tom Holland’s Terror Time and also hosting his long-running radio show (a Rondo Award-nominated at that), Horror Happens.

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