Three Horror Comics You Should Check out!

Article2When looking at the world of comics from the outside, it is easy to think that Marvel and DC are the only ones worth reading. With the likes of The Walking Dead making huge impact on television, it makes people look to the origins of the show and where they can see more of the world. This in turn pushes them towards the world of horror comics.

Even film fans know that horror comics offer a vast world of the ghastly and scary, where the rules of society break down and flesh tends to be ripped from the human body. This fertile world of the imagination may not be suitable if you want to just choose online bingo, like Marvel and DC are, but they lead to plenty of entertainment.

With that in mind, here are a few horror comics from the past that are well worth hunting down:

Boris Karloff’s Tales of Mystery

This is one for the horror buffs out there who instantly know the name Boris Karloff. Created as a spin off from his Thriller TV series, it featured stories full of horror and suspense. It may have been somewhat of a cash-in on the horror legend, but the stories well ghoulish enough to help us forgive it for that. Look for reprints of this one and other genre gems by Dark Horse if you want to revisit these tales of terror. My kids love these ones.

The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour was in fact a DC comic that ran from 1969-1978, who are well known for other horror themed releases such as House of Mystery, and Swamp Thing (to name only two). One of the highlights of this comic was the letters page which had a horror themed tinge to its replies. It was eventually revived with writer Jeph Loeb at the helm (check out his Batman work for examples of perfection), for a limited series and was revived once again for a one off for Vertigo a few years later. The comic, which took somewhat of a Tales From the Crypt approach, was a series of stories, hosted by three witches. I’d definitely recommend checking this one out, it’s pretty great.

Chilling Adventures in Sorcery

Another comic from the seventies, this time from Archie Comics this read was more bizarre tales based on the Archie universe. Featuring zombies and all other types of creatures, perhaps its more memorable character was the host Sabrina the Teenage Witch. A name that many of us will remember from the television show.

There are plenty of other horror comics worth searching out if this is your interest. It is well known that horror has many fans, especially with how ghoulish the images can become on the written page. Are you ready for the terrors held within? Why not hunt down a few of these comics and find out.

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