*Editor’s NoteJovy Skol has been a very important part of the Icons of Fright team for over a year now, but until now, we’ve never had too much of a “profile” series. Since we’ve accumulated a decent amount of wonderful staffers over the last year, we thought we’d let Jovy speak for himself on who he is and what he brings to the horror table, so to speak. -Jerry

image4Living in the Midwest suburbs, I didn’t make too many friends growing up. I was anti-social and showed no interest in sports, which is apparently all you need to make friends. My mom always said as a baby I was pretty quiet compared to other infants and would only wake up to eat. Nothing has really changed in that department. My parents were really young when they had me and my dad had several sisters who were in their teen years when I came around. They loved horror movies and always rented them, both old and new. Whenever I was with them they would introduce me to movies like NIGHT OF THE DEMONS and CANDYMAN (which is still the scariest movie ever made in my opinion).

Much to my mother’s dismay, this gave birth to my obsession with horror and rented everything I could get my hands on. One of my only friends growing up, Michael, also shared that interest and we would have sleepovers with way too much junk food, watching everything. We discovered movies like CUT (Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue in a horror movie together?!) and OFFICE KILLER. We created our own notebooks, full of reviews of movies with our own opinions, utilizing a star rating system like Leonard Maltin even though no one else would read it but us. We eventually wrote our own novelizations of our favorite movies, using the copy machine at the local library to print out the VHS cover to use as our own notebook covers.

This is where my love of writing began. I loved writing about anything horror which helped me explore more movies that I never knew existed. These days, horrorimage2 has become a big part of television which excites me due to that not being around much growing up. With Icons of Fright, I cover my favorite shows that I feel more people should explore. I get to write about movies, both old and new while sometimes sharing my personal experiences related to them.

My interests have evolved over the years and I have developed an obsession with horror comics, especially those from Scott Snyder who I had the pleasure of meeting a couple times at C2E2. Convention culture has become another interest, with Flashback Weekend and Days of the Dead being some of my favorites. I love meeting some of my favorite actors and getting my Blurays autographed, checking out specialty vendors I wouldn’t normally find in a suburban mall. I think it’s a great time to be a horror fan as there are so many options and ways to watch movies. Companies like Scream Factory and Arrow Video help fans old and new rediscover cult classics in restored versions, sometimes in never before seen cuts. It’s because of them I finally watched movies like NIGHTBREED and THE STUFF.

I hope to be able to share more of the things I love, while being introduced to new projects. It took me a long time, but it feels good to finally meet more weirdos like me.

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