68390_10151150539704998_897037894_nWith any site, it’s a good feeling when things just fall into place, when you have a team behind you that is passionate about the genre and not just about being seen next to celebs in pics and being “horror celebrities”. Here at Icons, that stuff means absolutely jack sh*& to us, so we’re pretty stoked on the team we currently have writing for us and wanted you fright fanatics to meet the “new blood” (so to speak). All week, we’ll be profiling the new staffers, the old staffers and so on, so grab your seats.


shan1My name is Shannon McGrew and I’ve always been a fan of horror, starting from the traumatizing experience of watching KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE at a very young age. In the last few years, I’ve devoted my life to the horror genre by starting my own site, Nightmarish Conjurings, where I review all things horror.

I am also equally passionate about going to haunts and someday I plan on designing my own haunted attraction. My favorite horror films include: THE EXORCIST, THE THING, POLTERGEIST, THE DESCENT and TRICK ‘R TREAT… I very much consider Cthulhu and Sam to be among my spirit animals. I’m very excited to be a part of the Icons of Fright team and look forward to a crazy journey of covering horror events throughout Southern California and beyond.


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