Beyond Fright: Shannon’s 4 Non-Horror (and 1 Horror) FILMS TO MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY

When it comes to horror movies, there are so many sub-genres: slasher flicks, creature features, supernatural and more. However, there are always those few films that transcend the horror genre and nestle themselves into a special niche category. That category is one where we watch a film and as the credits roll we promise ourselves that we will never watch that film again. Not because it’s bad per say but because it’s made us lose faith in humanity and the thought of watching it again is too much bear. To save you the trouble of watching these films, I’ve listed the five films that completely shattered my image of human nature. Watch at your own risk, unless you enjoy suffering that is. -Shannon

*Editor’s noteWhile some of these films might not “technically” fall into the horror genre per se’, they do a hell of a job adding to this article!-Jerry


Out of all the films on this list, the one that I know without a doubt I will never watch again is this one. I’ve never been so disgusted and hopeless as I was while watching DEAR ZACHARY. I don’t cry during many films but this one hit me right in the gut and left me in a puddle of tears. What separates DEAR ZACHARY from the other films on this list is it’s a true story. It shows that the worst monsters are human beings and by the time the film ended I had lost faith in not only humanity but also the judicial system.

DEAR ZACHARY: A LETTER TO A SON ABOUT HIS FATHER centers around filmmaker Kurt Kuenne who decides to memorialize his murdered friend, Dr. Andrew Bagby, after learning that Andrew’s ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his son. The premise seems simple and if you go into this film knowing nothing other than the synopsis it’s going to feel like you have been hit by multiple buses. When I realized how this film was going to end I wanted nothing more than to be wrong and unfortunately I wasn’t. This is the only film that I tell people not to watch because it will impact you in such a horrific way that you will need days to recover.



This film is on many people’s lists of most f*cked up films they have ever watched, and it’s for good reason. A SERBIAN FILM, directed by Srdjan Spasojevic, isa-serbian-film about an aging porn star who agrees to be in one last film, a film that is unique and unlike anything else out there, so that he may finally get a clean break from the industry. Unbeknownst to him, this ends up being a snuff film that is focused on necrophilia and pedophilia.

I had held off on seeing this film for as long as humanly possible but I finally broke down a few months ago and watched it with my friend. Throughout the viewing I constantly kept reminding myself that this was only a movie and the director was trying to make a political statement but there was a few moments where I struggled. The film is incredibly graphic, and at times hard to watch, and deals with themes that no one should ever have to even think about. If you are thinking of watching A SERBIAN FILM, I would suggest proceeding with caution, especially if you are new to the horror genre.



Revolutionary RoadREVOLUTIONARY ROAD (2008)

I know, I know. Why would a film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet be on this list. That would be because this film made me lose all hope in love and marriage (not forever but for a good amount of time). REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, directed by Sam Mendes, focuses on a young couple who struggle with their marriage while trying to raise a family during the mid-1950s.

This film got under my skin and showed that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It showed how marriages can have severe cracks and how those cracks can become poisonous and deadly. This film made me question what love really is and as the credits rolled I felt an emptiness inside me, mostly due to the shocking ending. REVOLUTIONARY FILM is a superb movie with incredible acting and story-telling; however, it’s a film that I don’t plan on ever watching again.



HAPPINESS (1998)Happiness1998Poster

If you are familiar with Todd Solondz work then you know that his films have a peculiarity about them. When I first watched HAPPINESS I had no idea what I was getting myself into as I thought this film was a comedy. The film centers around a group of individuals who want nothing more than to find happiness even if it’s through sinister and evil methods.

HAPPINESS deals with a lot of themes: pedophilia, narcissism, loneliness, suicide, affairs, and more. The film is considered to be a drama comedy, but when I viewed this no one was laughing, instead we were left feeling uncomfortable and upset. HAPPINESS is a glimpse into the lives of people around us, especially those that we think are our friends or acquaintances. It makes you question who you can trust and what sort of dark secret those around you are keeping. You will also never be able to look at Dylan Baker the same ever again.

Kids_filmKIDS (1995)

KIDS, from director Larry Clark, was the first film I ever watched that made me lose faith in the human race. The film centers around a day in the life of a group of teenagers in New York City as they drink, smoke, and lose their virginity. It sounds simple enough until you get into the darker themes of the movie which deals with drugs, sex with minors, rape, and HIV. There is no happy ending with his movie and it left me feeling disorientated and confused, especially because I was around the age of the characters in the film. KIDS has gained notoriety since it’s debut and help launch the careers of Rosario Dawson and Chloe Sevigny. Though depressing, I think KIDS is a film that everyone should watch as it deals with issues that should be made more prevalent in today’s society.