TV Review: OUTCAST, Episode 2: “(I Remember) When She Loved Me”

outcast posterThe follow-up episode to the outstanding pilot of OUTCAST takes a much more ambiguous approach to the subject matter in question. While it’s been set up that demonic possession is surrounding our characters, it’s questionable what’s actually been going on with Kyle’s mother.

Through a series of flashbacks, we see a much happier childhood for Kyle, one where the mother son bond was unbreakable, enhanced by vibrant imagery and dream state camera work. At some point, his mother fell victim and became an angry, violent shell of the woman she used to be. Her behavior went to abusive extremes and Kyle eventually fights back, knocking his mother out causing a supernatural presence to leave her body. Since then, she’s been in comatose like state and Kyle believes this is do to her still being possessed. He goes as far as to take her away from the medical facility she’s staying at, brings her home and attempts at his own exorcism with Reverend Anderson. This falls flat as her state doesn’t change whatsoever and she ends up back at the facility. She receives a visit from a mysterious man in black who has been lurking in the shadows throughout the episode and he clearly will play some larger role in the series as the season rolls out.

The title of the episode can be a reference to multiple things here. The most obvious is Kyle’s feelings for his mother. He remembers the good times and yearns for them to come back. Maybe he has a hope that only his mother can recover, but possibly save him from the disaster of a man he has become. The title could be referencing Kyle’s sister, Megan, who drops by his house to bring fresh fruit to help weed him off of his Captain Crunch diet. Her love (and dare I say pity) for Kyle is what convinces her to bring his birthday gift to his daughter’s party, where he legally can not be around.

This is the backstory I really want to hear and hope to explore more, sooner than later. While I’m down for a good scare, the relationship dynamics in OUTCAST are what really intrigues me. Kyle comes from a place of love and it’s still unclear of he became such a recluse as the premiere gave us a glimpse that he was a normal adult as some point. Love is something this show can tackle and the crazy things it can cause people to do. Reverend Anderson is not your average God fearing man and it makes him that much more interesting. A gambling man who wants to assemble an army, Reverend Anderson believes an evil presence is looming over the community. He preaches the word pf God, but doesn’t preach down to non believers. When kids deface his property with spray paint, he pays no mind and easily shies away from sounding like the local crazy old man. He also attracts attention from the single women in town, but he doesn’t seem too keen on developing a private life. Maybe this is his way from letting his past resurface?

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