Jay Kay Talks Michael Gingold and The Support of the Horror Community

MG3A wave of change has transpired over the last five years. I use said five years as my measuring stick because they’ve been the years in which I’ve been ingrained in horror beyond being just a fan. In my time doing “The Horror Happens Radio Show”, writing, a bit of acting, running film screenings, traveling and more, changes have come as part of the new perspective on what horror fans want and how they will have it. The tools of change include social media platforms, technology that gives people power to be filmmakers and view content as well as new film festivals and conventions popping up like daises each year. With so much changing, being re-envisioned and given birth, you start to wonder what of the past will survive going forward? I address this for two reasons… Michael Gingold and the support of the horror community.

Many fans, friends and peers of Gingold have all stepped forward to pay their respects to a man who spent nearly three decades giving opportunities, insight, education and friendship to those he came in contact with. This long road came within the pages of Fangoria Magazine, traveling to shows, being on set or just within the horror community. For me, Gingold has always been a class act, one that has left an impression, just in the time that I have known him. Honestly, I have read my share of Fango over the years but I’ve never been one of the masses who loved the magazine. I had respect for it but magazines like Horrorhound and Diabolique seem more in line with my pallet of horror than Fango ever was. I say that with complete respect,because Fangoria has been the standard barrier for many years and many generations of fandom. Hell, it has been around for as long as I have been alive! It has turned over, evolved and mutated, alongside the times and ever-changing cycles of horror. It has been a support system for some, coping for others, entertainment for many and always an education to members of the horror community. MG2Recently though, the landscape has changed and the dominoes continue to fall, as Gingold having recently been let go of his position at Fangoria and that shift marks a definite change happening with the magazine, whether fans like it or not. While it may have been quite the shock to many horror lovers, we all go through huge changes in our lives with family, marriage, along with our personal lives or the careers we all lead. For Gingold, the world is now open to whatever he wants to pursue, whether it be within the horror genre or elsewhere. Whatever Gingold decides to do, I hope he is happy and healthy going forward, and we all know he’ll be successful with whatever we chooses.

The support aspect of this editorial also ties into Gingold and his effect on the horror community as well. I have been lucky to read his work over the years, have him on my radio show live, break bread with him at events and he has been one of the very few who have ventured out to northwest New Jersey for my film screenings and gave me his time for really no reason other than being there to show his support. Whether the films had to do with him in anyway (including handing a VHS tape to a group of kids or supporting his friends and filmmakers who have grown up around him), he has been someone who has at done a damn good job of showing support towards the horror scene in all of its forms. I am forever thankful to him and the group of peers, fans and dysfunctional horror family that all have done that for me and The Ghost over the years. I know we are all busy. I know we are all consumed with our lives. I know we do our best but to many, including myself, Michael Gingold has supported so many of us on so many different levels in his close to three decades of being such a significant voice within the genre. He has supported more and gave opportunities more than just about anyone I know. I have been very lucky to share a few of those times talking, laughing, learning, eating and enjoying his company. Best wishes to Michael Gingold as he goes forward… a man, myth and legend who actually did his part to support the horror community in all of its dark corners.


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