XLrator Media and IndustryWorks Unite for Three-Picture Slate Of Films

XLratorHaving collaborated on both AMERICAN MARY and the action-thriller WRECKER, XLrator Media and IndustryWorks have now announced a three-picture production slate of films together, which follow’s XLrator Media’s recently announced slates of action films with RNR Entertainment and sci-fi thrillers with New Artists Alliance. Both companies will co-produce and distribute the trio of films worldwide, with XLrator Media handling domestic distribution on its “TURBO” action label and IndustryWorks Studios releasing the films in Canada.

“After our successful releases of American Mary and Wrecker, we are pleased to join forces once again with the talented production team at IndustryWorks Studios for a new slate of action-thrillers for our high-energy TURBO label. This co-production deal represents another milestone in our strategy of providing efficiently budgeted, elevated content to the global marketplace,” said XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon.

The first film in the three-picture slate is the supernatural thriller RESIDUE, written and directed by Rusty Nixon (Candiland), starring Costas Mandylor (The Saw series) and Taylor Hickson (Deadpool), which will be released in early 2017. The other films are PLAYTIME, to be directed by Micheal Bafaro (Wrecker), and the futuristic action thriller FUSE.

Personally, I dig what XLrator Media does, and though WRECKER wasn’t my cup of tea, I’m always on board to see what comes from partnerships like this one. What do you fright fanatics think?

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