Trailer For Eli Roth-Produced CLOWN Arrives; Hitting Theaters/VOD This June

clownThe fake trailer for CLOWN has been around for quite some time, with the made up film revolving around a father putting on a clown suit and the suit and face taking him over. With the added credits of having Eli Roth involved, it was a pretty nifty little trailer for a film that simply did not exist. Fast forward a couple of years later and the director of that fake trailer (Jon Watts) has went on to not only film the actual CLOWN movie (Starring Peter Stormare, Laura Allen, Andy Powers and Elizabeth Whitmere and guess who’s involved as a producer?…Eli Roth), but has since moved onto helming film such COP CAR and the upcoming SPIDER-MAIN: HOMECOMING.

On June 17th, CLOWN is hitting limited theaters and VOD and judging from the REAL trailer for the REAL movie, it looks pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.

CLOWN is a story of a loving father who dons a clown outfit and makeup to perform at his son’s sixth birthday, only to later discover that the costume – red nose and wig included– will not come off and his own personality changes in a horrific fashion. To break the curse of the evil outfit, the father must make grim choices with his own family facing danger.

CLOWN hits limited theaters and VOD on June 17th, via Dimension Films and Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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