Icons of Fright Talks PEELERS, Award Nominations With Actress Wren Walker!!

wren1In a time where every actress who has appeared in a horror film self-labels themselves as “Scream Queens”, it’s refreshing to come across an up and coming starlet who is not only humble and appreciative of any recognition, but has the chops to back that up. Enter Wren Walker. The classically trained actress spent a lot of time on the stage in productions of “Hurly Burly“, “Twelfth Night” and “The Importance of Being Earnest” before accepting the role of Blue Jean, the heroine in the balls out horror film PEELERS, which has Walker nominated for multiple awards at upcoming film festivals.

Wren was nice enough to chat for a bit with Icons of Fright, and she’s an incredibly down to earth individual who will be a force to be reckoned with, mark our words. Read on!

So you seem to be gaining quite a bit of recognition for your role in PEELERS. What initially made you want to be a part of this one?

I was watching tons of ’80s slashers around the time I found the ad on Craigslist. I was on Craigslist in the first place because it was pretty slow for me in terms of auditioning. So when the opportunity arose to audition for a horror film, my favorite genre of film with such a hardcore sense of community, I was pretty excited.

I’m a big fan of strong female lead characters in action films, something that it seems we don’t quite get enough of these days. Was that something that perhaps attracted you to this project in general?

Definitely. My heroes growing up were Ripley & Sarah Connor. The thing I loved about those characters is that they were portrayed  as both vulnerable and tough, their vulnerability actually made them appear stronger when they garnered the courage to fight back. I tried to avoid cliches in my performance of a “kick-ass heroine”, I wanted her to be legitimately terrified at times to make her strength all the more badass…and realistic.

PEELERS is a film that seems to be guaranteed to offend just about anyone (in a good way). Was the filming of it just as much fun as it wren3looked in the film?

Haha pretty much. The strippers have extraordinary talents, that’s for sure! The character of “Baby” has a great scene that is a little shocking but absolutely hilarious, it was a riot watching the FX team rig that “stunt” up. When it played out successfully we all cheered!

It’s apparent that you’re an actress that not only brings acting chops to a project but can kick some ass while doing so. What kind of training do you have?

That’s awesome that I look like I know what I’m doing haha. I didn’t have any formal stunt training but on a low budget set I had to learn pretty quick! I owe a lot to the stunt folks on set who taught me how to look convincing, Trevor Addie and Mike Ching. I enjoy being an athletic person though so I had tons of fun learning! The stunt work was my favorite part.

You’ve recently been nominated for a couple of awards for PEELERS. First off, congrats! Secondly, what’s in store for you next? Will we be getting any more baseball, strippers and bloodshed in the near future?

I’ve been nominated for Best Actress at the San Antonio Horrific Film Festival and I’ve been nominated for a Leo for Best Actress in a feature film here in BC, which I’m pretty stoked about since horror movies don’t usually get any love from award shows that aren’t specifically horror-related. Hopefully! I’d love to be in another horror film where I get to be covered in blood, my character stayed fairly clean. I want to play dirty!

There are so many self proclaimed “Scream Queens” these days, but you feel like the real deal to me. Are you a big fan of the genre and if so, what films in particular have scared the living hell out of you?

My mom let me watch horror movies way too young so it has been a longtime love affair for me. I grew up letting Freddy Kruger scare me. The horror community is unlike any other and it’s such an honor to be a part of it now. I wrote a shout-out on Twitter to Linnea Quigley and she responded and I totally fan-girled out, I have such a love for the genre I probably get excited when most people get scared while watching horror movies, so in terms of actually getting freaked, I got to think. I’d say IT FOLLOWS creeped the hell out of me and the imagery in SINISTER was really affecting.

Where can people reach you, social media-wise?

At my website Wrenwalker.com, and make sure to check out PeelerstheFilm.com for updates!

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