aliceWhen it comes to possession and/or haunting films, it takes a lot to set yourself apart from the countless other films that get released every year, most of which have similar plots or approaches. When a film does try something a bit unique and attempts to stand on its own, it can either lead to a great film, or in the case of THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D, a film that is taken down only by itself.

Revolving around an 1890’s brother, led by a cruel pimp played by Kane Hodder, THE HAUNTING OF ALICE D does a decent job of setting forth a tone for the film, and is actually pretty interesting. Hodder’s pimp uses a prostitute’s love for her younger sister Alice against her, forcing the young Alice to sell her body just as much. It’s a new approach to the horror genre and is a role that we don’t get to see from Hodder very often (or ever). After a series of fatal situations, we’re then transported to present day, where a group of frat-boy bros decide to throw a party, invite some girls (who for one reason or another are mostly shot from floor up, resorting in their characters mostly being reduced to thong shots.

Soon after, we’re given the mansion’s history and the story of Alice by one of the present day characters and then the hauntings/deaths begin. What’s so unfortunate for the film, is that the story itself is an interesting one, and had the entire film been devoted to the 1890’s era, it would have made it infinitely better. We’re instead forced to follow characters that we just don’t like, characters that never get much development, and are so unlikable that you’re dying for them to meet their ends.

It’s a film shot adequately, and with some unique ideas, but ultimately it’s just brought down by the execution, and the one dimension characters that we’re supposed to have some sort of sympathy for. It’s next to impossible to feel anything for a guy who treats his girlfriend like crap, throws a huge party full of lapdances and a confusing set of bros, all causing us to stop caring about the tragedy of Alice D. It’s a missed opportunity to tell a fun and rarely unique tale, it’s a film that could have had so much potential, had we been allowed to see more fo Alice, her sister, and the situations and events that led them to Hodder and their unfortunate set of tragic experiences. The flashback scenes are pretty entertaining, giving Hodder some scenery that he’s not known for, and featuring good performances for the actresses playing Alice and her sister. They’re infinitely more compelling than a single one of the modern day characters, and makes the film that much more of a missed attempt at something different. I’d be down to see a full on Alice D. prequel, but for this film on its own, it’s nothing new and more of the same.

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