CALL TO ARMS: Horror Community Survivor of Domestic Abuse Needs Your Help!

10837465_1461428671.1007Domestic violence is something that is sadly overlooked quite often, and as a child, seeing my mother being the victim of my step-father at the time, it caused me to have a strong passion when it comes to helping those who are victimized by cowardice behaviors and people who would rather punch than talk. Quite recently, I became an acquaintance to Kristin Marie Kology, a woman who friend requested me due to the social media campaign of my upcoming film, LOVE IS DEAD. Like most people who have Facebook accounts, one thing kept popping up on my feed and that was stories of how Kristin was severely beaten to the point of having to have surgeries and suffering a great deal of PTSD (a very real demon, I still struggle with PTSD stemming from my molestation as a child). Kristin’s story kept upsetting me, and it made me absolutely pissed off to know that yet another woman had been abused and beaten, to put it bluntly, it pissed me the fuck off.

Kristin is in need of some help getting her back on her feet, as well as surgeries, doctor’s bills, etc. One thing I know and love, is that our horror community is one of helping each other out, so I figured I’d bring this story to your attention and ask you fright fanatics: if you can spare anything, please help Kristin. Below is the complete information, as well as a link to her GoFundMe page, set up to help this poor woman get back on her feet and set herself on a path of recovery and success. Thank you guys/gals for reading this and helping out!

10837465_1461300000.1371_funddescription“For the past 4 year’s I, Kristin Marie Kology was living in a very toxic & volatile household, with my verbally, mentally, psychologically, physically abusive, very violent & dangerous, ex boyfriend. I lived under control, isolation, & fear, of my own life & those closest to me.

On 2/29/2016 was the final beating that I received from him. I was screaming & pleading for my life that was being brutally, savagely, & bloodily, beaten out of me by him, while his parent’s stood by & offered little to no help. (It was me who was able to finally & frantically call 911 because, they didn’t want to have to bail their monster of a son out of jail again). I am now safe with family & friend’s on the other side of the country. However, that does not change the fact that I am still living in fear & that I deserve justice.

As a survivor I’m learning to piece myself & life back together, one day at a time. Part of the result of my final violent beating, is that I have severe vision loss in my left eye, a fractured nose (both require surgery to be repaired), & I have also been diagnosed with PTSD.

Due to a combination of medical, moving, & a variety of other expenses related to this, my lack of finances are another major issue. I have applied for Victim’s Assistance & am still waiting to find out if I’m approved. Even with that, I am still in a major bind & any amount that is donated would be deeply appreciated & go towards helping me get back on track.

I was not permitted to work as a part of the control & isolation I was faced with for the past 4 year’s (believe me, I tried very hard to obtain work, but was always threatened with verbal &/or physical abuse). Plus once my health quickly dwindled, I was either confined to bed, having surgery, at the doctor’s office, etc, & would not have been able to hold a job. Not to mention, I could not hide all my signs of physical abuse.

I would love to be able to return to work, but at this time it is not a possibility, & won’t be for a while. I need to get myself healthy, happy, & secure, before I can worry about much of anything else. I’m not putting a time limit on anything because, I need to be patient & do what’s honestly best for me.

While I have sought out other forms of assistance, this is truly what is going to be the most effective & immediate for me during this trying time. In the near future I will be giving back to those in similar situations & will also be focusing on strengthening & changing the punishments for those guilty of these heinous crimes.

My scars & bruises may be faded, but the emotional & psychological damage is still present, especially due to my PTSD (which I am being treated for). I’m very lucky to be alive & surrounded by those who truly love & support me.”

Kristin’s GoFundMe page:

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