Icons of Fright Talks 13 CAMERAS With Neville Archambault

12512332_2015378248687604_8321326357328497827_nAt last year’s Fantasia Film Festival, one film that really left me with quite the gut punch reaction, was Victor Zarcoff’s SLUMLORD (review). It told a story of a young couple being stalked and watched (via cameras) by their creepy and almost silent landlord. While the concept might seem a bit “been there, done that”, SLUMLORD really set itself apart from typical POV-filled films due to an engrossing story and one hell of a performance by Neville Achambault, who played the landlord so eerily. Now picked up by Gravitas Ventures (VOD), 79th & Broadway Releasing (Theatrical), the film has been renamed 13 CAMERAS and is available to watch. I couldn’t recommend this one enough, and when we were given the chance to have a short chat with Archambault, naturally we jumped at the opportunity. Read on!

First off, I just wanted to say that you did a hell of a job in the film. I saw it at last year’s Fantasia festival and was just blown away by you performance. How did you come across 13 CAMERAS and become involved in it?

Thank you very much! My actors reel was seen by the McManus Brothers, they also made the film “Funeral Kings” which did very well! I came in for the casting, however once I got there, I left because I had an issue with my knee and spine then, and I could barely walk. I realized, they’d plans of shooting soon so I didn’t want to get caught in something I couldn’t complete. However, I went back to the casting and explained my knee crisis. We decided I could play Gerald as having a limp, it worked!

You’re quite the imposing, muscular guy, but what made the film so unique to me, is how soft spoken and almost shy the character is at first. Was that in the script, or were there discussions with the director on how you’d play him?

Honestly I made that decision of playing Gerald as you saw him. When I read the script and that he’d a “slack jaw” I began with that and the rest of Gerald character just seemed to form. I loved the script from the start which made Gerald’s development easy!

People are obsessed with phone cameras, webcams and in this film’s case, hidden cameras. Do you feel that worldwide obsession with all things having to do with technology helps 13 CAMERAS be that much scarier?

Absolutely! I also feel it’s a real crisis. With so many people having access to modern technology, there’s a whole host of awful things people can do! It freaks me out a little!

What’s next on your acting plate, so to speak?

Well since I booked this film in Los Angeles I’m now splitting time between NYC & LA. I’m currently reading for projects, for casting people who are familiar with the 13 Cameras trailer alone! That kills me! Honestly I’m hoping “13 Cameras “makes a sequel, then becomes a franchise! I believe that much in this project! Thanks, really thanks again!

-Again, wonderful job on the film!!!

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