MACHINE GIRL/DEAD SUSHI Actor Yuya Ishikawa’s Horror-Friendly Bar Set On Fire; GoFundMe set up to help!

The horror community is a good one, helping each other out when in need and also not allowing tragedy to get in the way of success.

On April 12th, a fire broke out in Tokyo’s Golden Gai entertainment district, causing major damage to the 2-story bar owned and operated by Sion Sono regular and MACHINE GIRL actor Yuya Ishikawa. The fire was started by a mentally ill homeless man, causing damage to at least six different businesses.


Ishikawa’s bar served as two horror-friendly places to visit, with Snack Honey being the top bar and Darling being the bottom. A very intimate place (serving only eight to ten people), the bars were everything to Ishikawa and the damage to his bottom floor Darling bar is impossible to fix without us, the horror lovers/creators/fans banding together to show how much people like Ishikawa are appreciated.

A GoFundMe site has been setup to help the devastated actor/owner get back on his knees, so please, if you can or feel led to, chip in a bit and let’s help show our support!


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