Marvel is almost universally known for its Superheroes, who are often forced to do battle against the forces of evil. This is an age-old comic book narrative, and one that translates well into the television and film sector.
This trend is changing, however, with anti-heroes and villains holding much more intrigue and allure for the viewing public. The popularity of DC’s Suicide Squad offers a relevant case in point, as it includes some of comic book histories most ferocious villains and portrays them in vulnerable, more appealing roles.

1. Carnage
While Carnage is not the most renowned Marvel character, he actually makes Venom look like a cuddly bear. Bonded with the fierce serial killer Cletus Kassady, the Carnage character is arguably the most powerful villain of all-time and one that embodies fear, strength and all-encompassing hatred. He most famously did battle with Spider-Man, who joined forced with Venom to defeat his foe. He rebounded with strength, however, banding with a pack of deranged psychotics before being defeated by Captain America.

2. The Incredible Hulk
This is a slightly more interesting pick, as the Hulk’s alter-ego Bruce Banner is a normal, down-to-earth guy who historically has hated his split personality. The Hulk itself is a powerful and fearsome beast, however, capable of causing huge damage and leaving trails of destruction in his wake. Despite this, Hulk-s alter-ego makes for a complex and even likable character, and one that has spawned everything from hit films and television shows to the Incredible Hulk slot.

3. Kang
Kang is also known as the Conqueror, and this offers us an insight into just how imposing and intimidating this guy is. A descendant of Reed Richards, he showcases increased intelligence, strength and ruthlessness while he also has an entire army at his disposal. With an arsenal of weapons also at hand, he managed to defeat an entire Avengers team in physical combat and is fearless when clashing with rival forces. As if this isn’t enough, Kang is also a tyrannical dictator with a thirst for blood that has yet to be quenched.

4. Red Skull
Imagine if you took the skills of Captain America and used them for evil? This would involve creating a strong, tough and lightening quick character, before fitting him with a freakish death mask of a face and a Nazi outlook. If you did this you would be left with Red Skull, who has been immortalized as the most twisted and ruthless villains of all-time (never mind in the annals of comic book literature). He is ambitious too, and brings to mind images of the horrific (if endlessly hilarious) Dead Snow film franchise.

5. Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom represents an entirely different type of character, and one who inspires fear through magic and sorcery rather than strength or pure aggression. He is also an inventor and manipulator of incredible intelligence, and it is this genius level of intellect that makes him such a formidable character. He is also arguably a more dangerous prospect that the powerful Dr. Strange, primarily because of his unique disguises and willingness to use black magic. Not a character to cross, Dr. Doom is just as imposing as his moniker suggests.

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