Icons of Fright Chat With CAMINO Star Nacho Vigalondo!

Camino PosterDirector Nacho Vigalondo blew film goers away with his 2007 time-travel thriller TIMECRIMES, a film that redefined the genre and offered a very smart look at the time travel film fare. Always the maverick, Vigalondo continued to offer new and interesting films, like 2014’s OPEN WINDOWS and his eerie entry into the horror anthology film V/H/S/:VIRAL. Now stepping in front of the camera in Josh C. Waller (RAZE)’s action film CAMINO (in theaters now and on VOD and iTunes on March 8th.), Vigalondo gives viewers one hell of a villain in Guillermo, a very dangerous man intent on silencing star Zoe Bell for good. We had a chat with Vigalondo about the film and a VERY memorable (at least to us) karaoke performance. Read on!


I wouldn’t have pegged you as a villain in a film, how did your involvement come about?

It was Josh and Daniel’s idea. I was totally surprised when they offered me the role. Since I´m mostly know as a director, even people who know I have acting experience tend to offer me small roles or cameos. Initially I thought my role would be a secondary one, but It resulted to be not only a big role, It was an actor wet dream! A full psychopath messing around in the jungle!

Your character is so sinister but charismatic, did you base your performance on any specific people?
I´m going to be honest to you. I´m scared of Guillermo and I think it´s the most hideous and evil guy you could picture. But when it comes to compose a character most of he times your better tool is yourself. In order to understand the guy in the most honest way possible it felt reasonable for me to ask the question “How would be the worst version of myself? If I was a racist sociopath, how would I smile, how would I lie?” It´s scary, but i think it works. Nevertheless, questioning oneself, facing our own shadows, is something every artist in the world should do at some point.

I love the action in the film, it really grips you and throws you into the jungle, so to speak. Are you an action fan?

I think action is the most pure form of filmmaking. All the other genres come from other forms, such as literature, theatre, music… But action is a genre that is born with the movies. There´s nothing as pure as a cinematic object that an action set piece.

CAMINO has a good social and somewhat political underlying message, all while kicking your ass the whole time. Was that something that perhaps interested you?

Well, as a Spaniard, it was interesting to portray a racist, condescending guy that talks about Latin-american people as if they were helpless children and he was their savior. In Spain we know a thing or two about racism toward Latin America and all the countries that we consider poorer than our. We the Spanish people love to bring the fact we are next to France, as we forget we are next to Portugal, for example. We love to feel white, European and rich. It was cool to portray a character that sums all that arrogant bullshit.

How was being the antagonist to Zoe Bell’s protagonist? Was she a tough opponent?

She was the loveliest and more helpful colleague you could find in a shooting. I´m one of those who loved to see her on screen in Death Proof and I´m so happy to having met her and have learned so much by her side!

TIMES CRIMES is one of my favorite films of all time, and I love all of your directorial work, what do you have on the roster to direct next?

Thank you! What can I say! I´m so glad I have good news. You got me these days shooting the last stuff for Colossal, a monster movie with Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudekis and Dan Stevens. It´s going to be really surprising.

Last Question: I was at Fantastic Fest in 2013 and you gave the craziest karaoke performance that I’ve ever seen, putting your drink on your head and yelling “Rage against the Machine” because the lyrics to an Amy Winehouse song weren’t on the screen? Will you ever top that performance, maybe in 2016’s FF?

Thank you, but I suffer this Jekyll and Hyde complex and I can´t answer on behalf of that guy that screams “Rage against the machine” with a glass on his head. The same way that guy doesn´t know shit about movies!

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