Need some Android Gaming Love? Here are FIVE Terrifying Android Horror Games!!

The science of being scared is always being researched but the fact of the matter is, we enjoy a fright sometimes. Android games developers are making the most of this by creating games in this genre for their thrill seeking players. As a result there are a whole load of excellent Android horror games just waiting to be discovered by the brave users out there.


If you loved point and click adventure games in their heyday then Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion will be right up your alley. These games place the user in the position of Curse Breaker for the day, and they must locate the clues needed to do so. One of the best things about this game is that it’s totally free and there are no in app purchases to fritter your money on.

For a different kind of scare, casino apps are your best bet. These games can have players at the edge of their seat and there’s something spine tingling about watching those cards be dealt. These apps and games are released on a regular basis, so it can be hard to pick a standout. Keeping up to date with the latest news about casino games for your android can be easy if you check out news outlets though.

and2Dead Space is one of the best horror based games for consoles and now it’s on Android devices too. This spin off game works incredibly well on these phones and tablets thanks to the simple control system. They’ve manage to skirt most major pitfalls that mobile ports seem to get hung up on and create a mini game that’s just as exciting.

No list of mobile horror games would be complete without at least one entry from the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. There are four of these games now and each offers a different horror experience, though they aren’t free. This does negate the need for in app purchases though, so it’s up to the player which they prefer.

Fans of the game Temple Run will enjoy Into the Dead, as it employs the same mechanics with a horror twist. In this game players must outrun the hoard of and3zombies chasing behind them and there are dire consequences if you fall behind. It’s available for iPhone too, so everyone can get involved in the zombie fun.

Limbo is another excellent horror based game that plays on the fear of the unknown, instead of overt monsters. In this adventure players are in a 2D, black and white world that just reeks of tension. The player is a young boy, searching for his sister in a hazy environment that will have players checking behind their shoulders.

The Twisted Lands series of games have some of the best graphics of any mobile game, never mind horror games. There are two of these games available to purchase and they focus on two friends who are stuck on a haunted island. Ghosts crawl out of the woodwork and it’s up to you to keep the pair safe and get them back off the island and towards civilisation, before it’s too late.


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