Vampires, Sex and BLOOD in Dead Day Revolution’s “Vampire Blues” Music Video!!

68390_10151150539704998_897037894_nWhenever we get turned on to bands we previously weren’t privy to, we’re all about letting you fright fanatics know about them. Case in point: the LA-based Rock ‘N’ Roll trio, Dead Day Revolution, a band that raises their middle fingers to any classification, providing songs all across the musical board and offering a breath of fresh air. Putting out their new album, “On Our Own” on April 5th, the band teamed up with director Dean Gold to give viewers a hellish ride in the form of “Vampire Blues“, a music video filled with vampires, blood and an ample amount of sex to round things out. The NSFW video is incredibly well done, featuring Reka Rene, Adam Joseph Daniels, Erika Apelgren and a host of other vamps, all biting and grinding away.

We’ve got the music video for “Vampire Blues” for you readers, as well a very in depth “Making Of” video, giving you insight into what it took to make what is easily one of my favorite music videos in a good while. Check them out!



Dead Day Revolution: Vampire Blues Music Video (Full Version) Directed by Dean Gold from Dean Gold on Vimeo.


The Making of “Vampire Blues” 

Making Vampire Blues with Dean Gold and Dead Day Revolution from Dean Gold on Vimeo.

For more info on Dead Day Revolution, visit their official site here.


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