Will 2016 be another solid year for horror?

The-Visit-PosterWith how back and forth the horror genre and its films did in 2015, it’s a mystery how the genre will fare this year. 2015 saw studio films like IT FOLLOWS, THE VISIT and THE GIFT doing pretty well, while others such as Eli Roth’s cannibal revival film THE GREEN INFERNO and the criminally underrated SINISTER 2 missed their marks with audiences and causing a lot of horror fans to look to the indie genre films and rightfully so. Films like DEATHGASM, WE ARE STILL HERE and TALES OF HALLOWEEN were all such memorable and critic/fan favorite films (just look to their ratings and reviews on imdb or Rotten Tomatoes for proof), causing a lot of fans to speculate on how 2016 would fare compared to last year. Enter a VERY interesting article that I recently came across. A look at predictions for this year’s upcoming horror titles, it goes through every title that horror is offering this year, with subgenres such as slasher, J-Horror and various others all being looked at and culminating with an interesting number-based odds of how genre films are predicted to do.


Personally, I think it’s an interesting and unique way to look at what’s coming and what people’s expectation are, something we don’t get to see often, and instead of spending your money being confused by watching Christian Bale play double bass drum fills to Pantera’s “By Demons be Driven” in the wall-street snoozer THE BIG SHORT, take a look at and sound off on what you’re excited for, and how you think it will fare with genre fans and audiences.


Personally, I think 2016 is setup to be a slam dunk year and having already seen films such as THE WITCH, FEBRUARY, DARLING and THE GREEN ROOM already, I can honestly say that there are so many POWERFUL horror films set to shock, terrify and blow you fright fanatics away!

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