We love to watch short films, some of which are directed by some of our favorite directors. Having already loved Izzy Lee’s INNSMOUTH, we were incredibly excited when Izzy sent us A FAVOR and POSTPARTUM, two more short films that she helmed, both of which have their own unique vibe to them. Adding to the already impressive short film lineup,  is HEALED, an adaption of a graphic novel written by George O’Connor and illustrated by Griffin Ess.


HEALED (Dir. George O’Connor)

Taken its inspiration from a graphic novel also penned by O’Connor, HEALED was produced by O’Connor, Diana Porter and illustrator Griffin Ess. It’s a very interesting concept, taking place in a world in which all sickness and illness have been cured and mysteriously eradicated. Following a priest and his somewhat foreboding sermon to his congregation, HEALED does a good job of raising questions regarding faith. What is there to believe in and to look to for guidance, when there isn’t anything to be healed from.

The short raises some good questions, regarding one’s faith, and the trouble of organized religion depending on the big man upstairs to solve all of your problems, when there simply are not anymore problems left to be answered. It’s also somewhat of a shocking short film, with its priest realizing that as the head of his congregation, he must lead them into salvation,..which unfortunately comes down to a grave end.

If HEALED is any indication of O’Connor’s abilities as a director, then he’s a filmmaker to look out for. His eye for camera angles really makes the short look much larger than it is, and his choice of choosing various actors to fill out the congregation is a good one, with people like actress/producer Diana Porter, director Izzy Lee, and various others all looking like they’re a part of something, even without saying a single word. It’s a visual treat of a short form film, one that raises interesting questions and giving an answer to that question that will chill you to the bone.



A FAVOR (Dir. Izzy Lee)

A grim comedy of sorts, Izzy Lee (INNSMOUTH)’s A FAVOR is quite easily one of the most enjoyable short films that I’ve seen in a good while. A dark comedy revolving around Jackson, a young slacker who just wants to spend his day off making Nachos and watching the game on TV. Jackson gets a phone call from someone we end up knowing as Liz, asking him to help her by taking care of an errand of hers. All is well and fine until Jackson gets to Liz’s house and discovers that the favor Liz is asking him to do, is dispose of a dead body.

The short takes a very comedic turn when Jackson does his absolute best to help get rid of the body, complete with turning a guest away, getting a container to dispose of the body and eventually using a small chainsaw on the body. It’s the series of misfortunes that happen to Jackson that makes A FAVOR so much fun.  What A FAVOR also does, is show how diverse Lee can be, when it comes to directing various types of stories. This one being scripted by Christopher Hallock, is a blast of comedy, a series of misfortunes continuously happening to Shaun Callaghan’s Jackson character. Callaghan does an excellent job giving off that slacker vibe of just wanting to get whatever project he’s on over, and his nonchalant attitude towards disposing of a dead body is hilarious.

First with INNSMOUTH and now A FAVOR, I can say, I’m most definitely a fan of Lee’s work, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.



POSTPARTUM (Dir. Izzy Lee)

Co-written by Lee and Chris Hallock, POSTPARTUM shows that previously mentioned versatility that Izzy Lee possesses, trading in the laughs for an intense and terrifying short film that sees Lee’s regular collaborator Diana Porter as a woman visiting a friend who not only has an eviction notice on her door, but lives in what can only be described as an indoor dump. Trash piled up, dimly lit rooms, it’s a real dump, and when her friend insists that Porter’s character is “waking the baby”, as a viewer, you’re wondering if the baby is even alive with the mess of a residence.

Just withing it’s 6+ minutes of running time, what POSTPARTUM is able to do, is pull you in and make you sit on the edge of your seat, filled with curiosity and dread. To give away the short’s twist would be a disservice to the film, but it’s safe to say that Lee is a genuinely talented filmmaker, one who’s able to create tension, suspense and very enjoyable short films, whichever genre she plays in.

As a viewer, I’m dying to see a feature collaboration between the talented Lee and Diana Porter, because just from the few short films I’ve seen them do together, I’m sold on the big picture. I want to see a feature film from Lee’s Nihil Noctem films, because you can most definitely say, I’m a fan.

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  1. Homeless Comics says:

    Hey Jerry,

    Thank you for the write-up on HEALED and I’m glad you dug it. I wanted to add a quick shout out to the film’s DP and editor, Mikel J. Wisler. If anyone likes the way the film looks, a massive chunk of praise goes to him.

    If anyone wants to check out the graphic novel the short is based on, you can find HEALED on Amazon and ComiXology.

    I’m also humbled to be included with Izzy and Diana. I’ve watched them grind and work their asses off for years. They’ve earned every ounce of praise and attention they get.

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