Horror Mainstay Chris Alexander Releases Remixed/Remastered/Expanded Edition of MUSIC FOR MURDER album; Vinyl/CD/Digital available via Giallo Disco Records


Chris Alexander and his vinyl release of MUSIC FOR MURDER

Former Editor in Chief of Fangoria Magazine & Current Managing Editor of Shock Till You Drop, Chris Alexander, is a guy who likes to have his hands in most forms of art.  A journalist, filmmaker, composer and all around jack of all trades, Alexander’s most recent album, Music For Murder, was critically acclaimed and one of my favorite discoveries of last year (see this piece about music I like to listen to while writing). An album fourteen years in the making (it was recorded from 2000-2014), Music For Murder takes its listener through a dark journey of eerie, industrial-tinged tracks, all playing a part in a whole album of dark instrumental bliss.

Last month, Alexander re-released the album in a brand new, remastered/remixed and expanded edition through Euro-horror label, Giallo Disco Records, complete with brand new artwork and various formats available to purchase. Personally, I’ve been dying for a vinyl release of the album since hearing the original edition of it, and the fact that it’s now available on vinyl/cd/digital is awesome. I’d highly recommend picking this one up, it’s full of music that any horror fan should own and shows Alexander’s chops in pulling you into a dark atmosphere of sounds.

You can pick up the newly remastered, remixed and expanded edition of Music For Murder through Giallo Disco Records here.

Check out the music video for “Organ Grinder“, my favorite track on the album. The video was written, directed, shot and edited by Torin Langen.

For more info, visit http://www.chris-alexander.ca/ .

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