When attaining your dreams, a lot of times you hear the phrase “never give up.” Film making can be an arduous process, and getting a film made alone is nearly impossible, let alone making one that will stand the test of time. But would most film makers struggle 26 years to get there one film out there? Not many would, but that’s exactly the journey that John S. Rad was willing to take with his film DANGEROUS MEN.

DM_MinaAfter movie to the States from Iran in 1979, Rad started an Odyssey of creating an action tale involving bikers, cops, sexy times, and cold, hard vengeance. With shooting taking place over the 80’s and 90’s, it was eventually self released in 2005, when Rad four-walled the Laemmle theater in Santa Monica, California. It made a whopping $70 during its one week run. Eventually being shown as a midnight movie, it picked up a following, including that of Hadrian Belove from Cinefamily. That following bled over to the Alamo Drafthouse and with the cooperation of Rad’s daughter, Samira, we are getting a proper release from Drafthouse Films.

Now, the first thing you’re probably asking is: Is this a good movie? No. But is it entertaining? Hell yes! Compared to Ed Wood’s works, DANGEROUS MEN is a bombastic, yet bumbling action film. It is a masterpiece of calamity, sure to leave you scratching your head and laughing your ass off. And it doesn’t waste any time at all, with the opening credits starting with an explosion, cheesy synth, and then ALL of the credits being attributed to John S. Rad. No starring credits. Just Rad. A lot can be said about allowing an auteur to provide their vision, but even the greatest auteurs checked in with other people. There is a reason that movie making is usually a collaborative effort. Having someone to bounce ideas off of is invaluable.

The editing of the film is a jumble. Mind you, at 80 minutes running time, they obviously were trying to stretch things out, but there are a few extra sequences that are unnecessary, including one scene with an aging man that is nude hiking through the desert. We get bizarre flashbacks for no reason, and scenes jump forward in time. Rad and cast tried their best to cover things in the later shoots, referring to earlier shot scenes, but it comes off clunky at best. I can’t even complain about the acting, as I’m not sure we got the best take possible, or if Rad pulled an Ed Wood and called it after one take.

DM_Black Pepper

Things I learned from watching DANGEROUS MEN:

1. Apparently all men are rapists.
2. When renting a car, you don’t discuss rates or what type of car you want, you go directly to signing the rental contract.
3.While naked, don’t forget that clenching your butt cheeks together works as a great knife holder!
4. Two guys fighting make the same sounds over and over when getting hit. Not that they each make their own same sound, but they both make the same ones.
5. Music score can be repeated. No matter what type of scene, just use the same piece of music!
6. Speaking of music, be proud of what you have! Play it loud. Dialogue comes second when you have tunes this sweet!

If you are looking for a great midnight movie or something to turn on at a party to make people laugh, then DANGEROUS MEN is a good candidate for that. And thanks to Drafthouse Films, you’ll have an opportunity to see this film on the big screen with a crowd, the way it was designed.

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