Team behind WE ARE STILL HERE Announces New Film SATANIC PANIC

dkfTo say that we were fans of Ted Geoghegan’s WE ARE STILL HERE, would be quite the understatement (review). An absolutely entertaining horror film, that felt fresh and exciting, the film gave genre fans a film that supplied scares and great performances from everyone involved with the film. For being his first feature, Geoghegan showed directorial chops that made the film feel like it was made a seasoned filmmaker, and teaming up with both Dark Sky Films and Travis Stevens’ Snowfort Pictures to create the film was a choice that instantly felt like a winning team.

Now re-teaming with both Snowfort and Dark Sky for his sophomore film, Geoghegan has announced SATANIC PANIC, a film that from the sound of it, looks to be yet another solid story from the young filmmaker and a film that just screams “Jerry’s wet dreams” all over it (I do love me some Satanic greatness).


The new project re-teams Geoghegan with producer Travis Stevens and Greg Newman. The original screenplay is being written by Grady Hendrix, whose recent best-selling novel “Horrorstör” is in development at Fox Television with “Gossip Girl” creator Josh Schwartz.

SATANIC PANIC centers on a minimum-wage delivery girl who is forced into a night-long battle with the rich and affluent leaders of a suburban community after discovering they’re part of a satanic cult. Casting will begin soon.

Speaking on his goal for the film, Geoghegan said: “Equal parts supernatural horror and survival thriller, the film hinges on smart, funny dialogue and a clever, surprisingly badass female hero. A snarky, splattery takedown of the 1%, it places a trod-upon heroine up against the literally soulless societal upper crust. The banter and blood come fast and furious, and we’re hoping to leave very little time to breathe between gasps and gags.”

Snowfort founder/producer Stevens had the following to say regarding the film and re-teaming with Geoghegan: “I want to make something fun and fast and slick and sick. A film that plays like a good heavy metal song. A film that gets your heart rate up to the point where you burn calories while watching it.”

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