New Documentary To Explore THE HISTORY OF HORROR & METAL!

Like beer and pizza, quite possibly the other greatest pairing of all time are horror and metal. It’s a perfect marriage, and both go together gloriously. Why, you may ask? Obvious reasons aside, a new documentary titled THE HISTORY OF HORROR AND METAL, is nearing the finish line that delves into why gore and head-banging are united as an unholy union!

From interviews with genre legends such as Tom Savini, Dick Warlock, Sid Haig, and many more, to rock gods Alice Cooper, John 5, and Kirk Hammett! Director Mike Schiff and his team have always wanted to explore why the two go hand-in-hand, they just need a little push to get the doc completed. Check out their campaign video, and if you dig it, head over to their Indiegogo page to help these guys keep on rockin’ and gorein’!

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