Feast On Bleeding Skull Video & Mondo’s NIGHT FEEDER DVD/VHS!


The guys behind Bleeding Skull are connoisseurs of the finest video trash in existence. If it’s been cursed to a VHS, buried deep down in the bowels of a forgotten video store, and directed by Bill Rebane or James Bryan, they’ve seen it and given it their highest recommendation. They’ve taken their love of gutter-level brain melter’s to a whole other level with the formation of Bleeding Skull Video, releasing violence on video just like the good lord intended.

Their latest release is NIGHT FEEDER, a nasty homemade-horror that’s been virtually unseeable for nearly 30 years! Available in both disc ($15) and analog ($25) flavors, NIGHT FEEDER is the kind of gore-crazy rager that’s missing from your Halloween marathon.


Fear chokes the free-wheeling underbelly of San Francisco’s punk scene as a killer stalks the night to feed an unspeakable appetite. Community suspicion focuses on “Disease,” a band that is tainted by groupie deaths allegedly induced by the drug “DZS,” and on “The Creeper,” a misshapen outcast from the bowels of the city. A writer probes the gruesome murders and the story hits close to home, as the web of death devours neighbors, friends, and lovers.

Special Features:

  • New transfer from the original 1″ master tape!
  • CLONE BABY music video!
  • Bleeding Skull! Video trailers!



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